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Gift Aid & Personal Pension Contributions.
on 01/08/2015 18:21, by jet_trail300

No doubt a simple question so excuse my ignorance, however. When are Gift Aid and personal pensions contributions used to adjust net income and when are they used to extend basic rate? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated! Continue Reading

What are "improvements" on a second home?
on 01/08/2015 17:01, by davidehamilton

I own a second home and are about to sell it to realise the capital. According to the HMRC web site I am allowed to deduct the cost of "improvements" from my "gain" but "normal maintenance costs" are not deductible. So my question ... Continue Reading

Changing a Declaration of Trust
on 01/08/2015 11:43, by Bowly70

Hi, Wondered if anyone may have any input they can help with an inheritance tax/probate question. My husband recently passed away, his estate was left to myself, mainly through joint assets. We have three children all under 18. His parents have now informed me ... Continue Reading

Family PropertySwap & SDLT
on 31/07/2015 19:50, by Eldercare

Mother lives in Property A £300K no mortgage Son lives in Property B £250K Mother and Son Mortgage Dec of Trust to say that Son is beneficial owner of 99% What is the most efficient way of exchanging properties so that Mother lives in the small one and Son ... Continue Reading

IHT when home has always been my home?
on 31/07/2015 16:53, by oneclarethomas

What can help reduce IHT after someone dies? Can changes in a will by the beneficiary help? My mother had a fatal accident - her estate has been left to me as her only child. I have lived in this house for over 30 years and have 3 children under school age. I ... Continue Reading

Selling Buy to let and reinvesting part of profits
on 31/07/2015 10:33, by Mikes2374

Hi, Quick question - i'm about to sell a buy to let property, a one bed flat which i've owned for about 8 years and It was initially my home for the first three years, I then plan to reinvest part of the profit into another buy to let. Is it correct that i don't ... Continue Reading

Transfers between Tusts
on 31/07/2015 09:46, by Jackson45

I am one of the trustees of a bare trust that has had no assets added in the last 7 years. The trust terms allow some of the assets (oeics) to be transferred to a newly established discretionary trust with the same beneficiaries. I believe that I should report ... Continue Reading

CGT on lease creation
on 31/07/2015 08:38, by mjk43

I am trying to advise my mother in law, W, so that she can sell "her" flat and move to live near us. The tax situation is sadly not as simple as PPR relief. I'd really be extremely grateful for some pointers..... W and her brother D inherited one large ... Continue Reading

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