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Non-doms, UK property and IHT
on 06/03/2015 13:11, by LondonAmber

Hello, My parents have recently regained their Irish domicile after spending over 5 years non-resident for UK purposes. They sold their large family home and put half the proceeds in a smaller UK property and half in a cash account offshore (Jersey). They use ... Continue Reading

loan repayment
on 06/03/2015 12:43, by delboy66

I currently have a bank loan for a vehicle for my business but i am in a situation where i have the funds to pay it off. Is this a wise move or should i just keep the money in my business acoount Continue Reading

Unused IHT threshold transfer
on 06/03/2015 12:30, by londoncalling

Hello, I was hoping someone may shed some light on a query I had. Essentially my parents own their house mortgage free as tenants in common with an unequal share ( 90% to 10%). If the 10% share was worth say 100k would the surviving spouse with the 90% share ... Continue Reading

CGT on two properties
on 06/03/2015 05:57, by peter.smart

I am proposing to convert my house into two flats. The house is jointly owned with by wife, but we are divorcing. The intention was to sell one of the flats, to finance a settlement with my wife, and I would retain and live in the other flat. Is there a CGT liability ... Continue Reading

Business Trips
on 05/03/2015 21:14, by mikeyc

Hi, Situation: I'm a sole trader, and buy / re-sell specific goods at a profit. Sometimes I make longish journeys (around 1-2hr round-trip) to procure my goods and am away from home for a few hours, and understand the journey is an expense as the goods/journey ... Continue Reading

Late bonus on overseas employment
on 05/03/2015 19:42, by langtonbrow

Hi there, I originally posted this in the international section, but perhaps it's better here. I was a non-resident for the past 4 years, working in the Gulf. I returned in December and started work in the UK, where I am told I can take advantage of the split ... Continue Reading

contacting HMRC
on 05/03/2015 16:26, by clockcrazy01

Hi Everyone, I have tried ringing HMRC on 0300 200 3600 (self assessment) but just cannot get through despite waiting 30 minutes on each occasion?! So already over £5 in call costs. Can anyone here advise me how to get through to talk to a advisor? I urgently ... Continue Reading

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