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Rental Income
on 25/05/2015 11:14, by a4ward

Good Morning, I have a few queries I was hoping someone maybe able to help with. I am 27 years old and currently looking to purchase a two/three bedroom house in London potentially with the mindset of renting out one or two of the other rooms, whilst also still ... Continue Reading

Using my personal FX trading account
on 25/05/2015 09:24, by Jetsetter4805

Hi All, My UK limited company has a European based vendor and I need to pay them EUR each month. I (as an individual) already have an FX account that allows me to buy foreign currency in exchange for GBP. Rather than setting up another account in the name of ... Continue Reading

CGT on death of one of joint holders of portfolio
on 24/05/2015 20:41, by sigmund

My wife and I have a portfolio of unit trusts and OIECs held in our joint names. These are growth funds that we use to realise our tax free CGT allowances each year. If one of us were to die, as the portfolio is held in joint names, it would automatically pass ... Continue Reading

Foreign Exchange rates for UK Capital Gains Purposes
on 24/05/2015 08:12, by JVDT

It is my first time in having to declare a capital gain. Where can one find the correct Foreign Exchange rates (current, and historical as far back as 1979) regarding purchase and sale of a property, and needed for capital gains tax purposes? I've done quite ... Continue Reading

Self-Employment Loss Query
on 23/05/2015 11:36, by JVDT

I am self-employed and entered a loss figure on my Tax return in Box 32 of the Self-Employment (Short) pages SES2 for the tax year 2012. I failed to bring the balance figure arrived at in Box 34 forward in my Tax returns for the years 2013 and 2014. Is it ... Continue Reading

NI Calculation from FY 2014-15
on 22/05/2015 20:58, by TS70363

Hi Team, I came to UK on 2nd Feb 2015. I have received a total of £8503.78 as the salary for Feb 2015 and March 2015 for the previous Financial Year. NI deducted in these 2 months is £697.84 against the salary that I have received. I have a doubt in my NI ... Continue Reading

Apportionments (continued)

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