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UK/US Tax Treaty on Pension Plans
on 27/11/2015 19:50, by MillerLM

I am a US citizen living in the UK after marrying a European national. I have a employer pension plan I need to transfer over, but I am not sure how to find a pension plan that is compliant with the US/UK tax treaty. Continue Reading

S.455 Tax Calculation
on 27/11/2015 14:55, by joe90

Can I just ask someone to confirm that S.455 tax is calculated on the element of NEW loan to a participator, i.e. increase in loan account balance? e.g. the director's loan account one year is in debit by say £6,000 and S.455 tax paid on that, then the next year ... Continue Reading

Gifting money/shares to grandchildren
on 27/11/2015 12:56, by samuelp

Hi. [list:1bsnepbr] [*:1bsnepbr]My parents wants to gift my children and my brothers children (all minors) either cash or shares in a new company which I have incorporated.[/*:m:1bsnepbr] [*:1bsnepbr]If money will be gifted it will be from the ISA's my parents ... Continue Reading

NI rates for 2016/17
on 27/11/2015 12:19, by southwicker

Can anyone tell me what the NI rates will be from April 16 please? I understand if you are contracted out (Table D) this will be abolished and you will change to Table A. I'm looking for the EE rates and EE rates but can't find anything on the HMRC website Continue Reading

Reduce payments on account - self assessment
on 27/11/2015 08:39, by franklintuesday

Good morning, I want to reduce my payment on account - due 31/1/2016 My takings for 2015/2016 are about half the previous year. I beleieve there is a page for such an appeal when I submit my tax return. My question is - do I have to submit my return much ... Continue Reading

Double taxation on repaid conditional bonus
on 27/11/2015 00:11, by TaliskerBA

Hello, I'm hoping someone might be able to offer a bit of guidance around an upcoming tax situation for me. Earlier this year I was promoted by my then employer with a conditional sign on bonus of around £12,000 stipulating that I would have to repay it if I ... Continue Reading

AiA on a van purchase
on 26/11/2015 19:24, by andye

Hi I am a sole trader not VAT registered and wish to purchase a van outright no lease no hire no hp so my tax bill is about £2.500.00p a year and I want to purchase a van for say £8000 so my question is do I enter £8000 on my tax return in the AIA box or would ... Continue Reading

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