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Complex IHT uestion
on 25/04/2015 20:55, by siamakdied

My parents have gifted me over the 650k threshold. I feel ashedm of asking this, but if one parent dies and the other survives after 7 years, will i be exempted from paying any IHT? Continue Reading

Husband got job in Abu Dhabi
on 24/04/2015 18:49, by Elliepom

Hi I must start by saying I am a tax moron, so looking for some help. My husband was made redundant from his job in UK on 31/10/14. He did not work again in 14/15 tax year On 6/4/15 he started a temp job and worked there for 12 days and then left. He ha been offered ... Continue Reading

on 24/04/2015 15:22, by RSP

Hi all, We have a group structure arrangement such that a non-trading holding company has two 100% subsidiaries, one of which is trading and the other is a property investment company that also has a couple of joint venture shareholdings. The directors of the ... Continue Reading

CGT - house in mothers name with declaration of trust?
on 24/04/2015 13:29, by gavin2782

My mother purchased a house for myself and my partner to live in. We were not registered owners at the Land Registry but signed a Declaration of Trust whereby my mother held the house and net proceeds of sale on trust for her and us as beneficial tenants in common. ... Continue Reading

Basic VAT question from somenew to this
on 24/04/2015 13:00, by dij

Hi, Firstly sorry for the basic nature of these questions, I' reading this forum and just getting information overload. I will be setting up a crowd funding campaign for my electronics hardware soon and I need to be sure that I'm getting everything right money ... Continue Reading

Corporation Tax PLUS Flat Rate Tax - HELP
on 24/04/2015 10:47, by Sim2K

Hello All 1st of all, let me say I'm a total TAX newbie. Been on PAYE all my life, still am but I want to do a side import electronic accessories like phone covers, etc and sell online type of business and have a few questions. From what I can tell, for me Flat ... Continue Reading

Buying a new home for spouse
on 24/04/2015 10:31, by rbsjp

I am planning to buy a new home for some rental income. I will buy in name of my wife. I will spend the money but my wife lives outside UK. So how do I go about doing this? Continue Reading

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