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on 04/09/2015 09:56, by Chanmuganathan

Hi All A UK company made an investment in French trading company (40% of the ordinary shares) in 2010. The investment has been sold in 2015 and the company made again of €400K. The UK company(investor) is not a trading company. Is this gain would qualify for ... Continue Reading

CGT Exemption - Court Order Transfer of Share
on 03/09/2015 14:23, by andy.yan.a@avyana.org

Hi all, I have received a Court Order that I have to return my share to my brother after 20 years when we inherited the shares from my father. The order stated that the share shouldn't belonged to me and I have to return to my brother. During the 20 years, I ... Continue Reading

Taxation of Damages
on 03/09/2015 13:37, by jsofta

Hi! If I have a legal settlement or are paid damages by a company based in San Fransisco California I obviuously need to tranfer these to my busniess in UK. It is amount of more than £1 000 000. A) How does the tax operate in international taxation on damages? ... Continue Reading

loss on claiming Transitional Overlap Relief
on 03/09/2015 11:05, by MANHAR

Hi would really appreciate if someone can confirm if my thinking on the following scenario is correct. 1 ) Client has a year end of 30 April and his profits for Ye 30.04.1997 were £25,572 [before Capital Allowances] forming the assessment for 1997/98. The Transitional ... Continue Reading

Non Resident Landlord Scheme
on 02/09/2015 19:38, by expatuae

Hi, A few years ago I obtained approval to receive my rental income with no tax deducted, which was communicated to the letting agent. The letting agent then informed me they had received the notification and that they do not deduct tax from my rental income ... Continue Reading

In-year repayment P50
on 02/09/2015 17:28, by tg99

Hi, I left my last job in 14/15 tax year and received a final arrears payment in current tax year (in May). This final payment was taxed under PAYE but I overpaid tax (as higher rate was applied to whole payment). As i do not expect to work for remainder of 15/16 ... Continue Reading

IHT CGT ON 40% Share of property
on 02/09/2015 16:32, by jemjem

Hi Guys, My dad owns his only home outright without mortgage, he wants to sign 40% of the property over to me, what are the tax implications for me? I don't live at the property and currently its worth £240k thanks Jay Continue Reading

Can I offset Australian withholding tax on royalties?
on 02/09/2015 14:24, by nathanperth

My UK company holds a patent on product. I have an agreement with an Australian company that gives exclusive rights for them to sub-licence my IP in Australia. The Australian company pays royalties to my UK company. The Australian company withholds 5% of the ... Continue Reading

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