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Dormant Company - Tax Being Claimed
on 25/10/2016 12:00, by megzy

Hi My partner was a sole trader and up until 3 years ago and at that time he declared the company as no longer trading (his accountant at the time informed HMRC, and they have a record of the date) He has now received a bill for £3k in tax/penalties for the ... Continue Reading

Tax Free Allowance when moving to the UK
on 25/10/2016 08:28, by Jean-Mike

Hi everyone, I recently moved to the UK to start a job here and just got my first salary. However, there seems to be a large difference in net salaries between some of the colleagues and myself (despite having the same gross wage). I tried to find an explanation ... Continue Reading

New IHT and trusts
on 24/10/2016 22:26, by langtonbrow

Dear all, Please consider these circumstances, - Father died in 2003 and left half of house (and other assets) in discretionary will trust. - Mother lives in house. - Son bought into house so owned 50% trust, 25% mother, 25% son. Son also lives in house. In ... Continue Reading

Tax Savings on Additional Business Earnings
on 24/10/2016 14:22, by imation144

I recently opened my own business (a limited company) whilst working in full-time employment. However, since I earn £65K (from my full-time job) any additional income I make via my new business will get taxed at the higher tax rate (40%). My SO is also partnered ... Continue Reading

on 24/10/2016 11:37, by hardy

Am I right in thinking that rent in a house of multiple occupancy is an exempt supply, so even if the total rent was to exceed the VAT threshold there is no need to register for VAT? Continue Reading

self assement help regards to property income
on 24/10/2016 02:15, by shyamii

Hi I'm doing, for the first time, a tax return on the income Ive received for a buy to let property i own. After filling in the section that asks : Total rents and other income from property...... it says: UK tax taken off total rents and other income from property........ ... Continue Reading

Defer Tax Relief on rental income possible?
on 23/10/2016 23:27, by Rss481

Hello. We have a rental property and took out the mortgage in February 2015. Our first tenant moved in in April. I understand it is possible to defer tax relief claims, so we would like to defer the tax relief until the year 2015-2016, because we had no rental ... Continue Reading

Emigrating UK to Canada
on 23/10/2016 19:41, by andrews65

Hi, I'm asking this question for my wife (since I do her tax returns). She's a dual UK/Canadian citizen who's lived, worked and paid taxes exclusively in the UK for the past ten years. In early January we're emigrating to Canada with no plans to return to the ... Continue Reading


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