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Self-employed losses
on 29/07/2016 08:12, by agbrfas

Self-employed trading losses can be used to reduce other taxable income in the year of loss. If there was a trading loss, but also a balancing charge in the same period arising from an asset sale, do these have to be considered together for loss purposes? The software ... Continue Reading

Should I have Ltd Company?
on 28/07/2016 16:44, by JamesBrown200

I'm in my 3rd year of self-employment and I think it might be time to change accountants... My accountant tells me that trading a limited company is still the most tax efficient way for me to operate. But I can't see how. Consider this as an example: [b:31monmr6]Without ... Continue Reading

on 28/07/2016 15:44, by Jim Jams

Hello, I wonder if anyone can offer any thoughts on the following situation. My SIPP owns an office building which is rented to my wife's company. The SIPP was registered for VAT prior to purchasing the property as it (the property) was already opted in for VAT ... Continue Reading

1973 will trust
on 28/07/2016 15:36, by Berts

My grandfather died in 1973 and created a trust in his will so that my grandmother would have a house to live in until she died, at which point the house would pass, under the terms of the trust, absolutely to my mother and aunt. My grandmother died 43 years later. ... Continue Reading

Market Rent clarification
on 28/07/2016 10:57, by natasha1822

My father is gifting me & my sister the family home approx worth £2M he wishes to continue to live in the property and he will pay Market Rent so there is no GWR. The question is whether he should pay rent for the whole 5 bedroom house even though he does ... Continue Reading

SDLT - 2 titles / mixed use / 2nd home confusion
on 28/07/2016 08:34, by cheekymonkey

Buying a new house - has paddock under separate title Paddock land classification is agricultural according to local planners as they have no specific record of it & due to location that is their default (this was snr planner telling me this) House - £375k Paddock ... Continue Reading

Gifted house
on 27/07/2016 21:04, by Syco31

I currently live in a house owned by my uncle. I have lived there for six months rent free. he wants to gift it to me . He has owned the house since 2012 when he received it in probate from his late wife . Would I have to pay tax on the property if I intend to ... Continue Reading

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