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CGT business rollover relief on U.S. asset??
on 01/07/2016 15:21, by ratbag

We are selling 2 x homes in Florida used as a holiday lettings for 10+ years. Sale funds are around 1 million $US. Rental accounts have been submitted to HmRC over the years. We are UK domiciled. There is no U.S.$ capital gain as we are selling for what we ... Continue Reading

qualifying carer/adult placement carer
on 01/07/2016 13:05, by puds2015

Does anyone have any advice on what counts as the total receipts for a qualifying carer. I know the receipts from the council/scheme are the bulk of the income- but would housing benefit received on behalf of the disabled person cared for, and any money received ... Continue Reading

French Donation-Partage
on 30/06/2016 19:00, by bip

Hi How does the french Donation -Partage work for IHT in the UK. If the beneficiary dies before the owner, does the property received as a gift form part of the beneficiaries estate? If yes, is it still part of the estate if the donor exercises a right of return ... Continue Reading

Self assessment
on 30/06/2016 16:45, by Victoriaart

I run a small business alongside my regular job. Most of my custom comes from my Facebook page. My question is- do I need to send invoices to customers? I have always messaged them with the price and ways they can pay, not an invoice as such, just a message with ... Continue Reading

US/UK inheritance tax
on 30/06/2016 15:24, by ronjay

I am a UK citizen and my wife is dual USA/UK citizen domiciled in the UK for 30 years. All our estate is in the UK except for a small amount in Spain but none is in the US. We have wills which leave our estates to each other and then to our children. My understanding ... Continue Reading

SDLT Transfer of Equity
on 30/06/2016 11:56, by gaggarwal1981

My wife and I own our mortgaged property purchased in 2009 that we currently live in. I also own a second property purchased in 2007 which is my buy to let. As I am a higher tax rate payer, I decided to transfer 50% equity to my wife who is a lower tax rate payer ... Continue Reading

Self employed paying partner below the LEL
on 29/06/2016 22:10, by edwardb

Hi, I'm self employed and want to know if I pay my partner below the lower earnings limit, are these payments classed as normal business expenses? Also, as I don't have to register as an employer because she would be my only employee earning below the LEL, what ... Continue Reading

Deed of Variation
on 29/06/2016 22:02, by cjewsbury

Hi - does anyone know if you do a deed of variation does this impact the deceased nil rate tax relief ? Our solicitor has not mentioned this but someone else did the other day and we cannot find any information on the internet around this. The suggestion is that ... Continue Reading

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