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Historic house valuation
on 04/10/2015 14:20, by doctoppo

I Provided the money for my mother to purchase her council house in 1989, the house was transferred into my name in 1997,i presume my capital gains liability begins at that point ? The councils market valuation in 1989 was £45000 the purchase price £18000 my ... Continue Reading

Transfer of legal title from single to joint ownership
on 03/10/2015 17:14, by blondie1984

I purchased a property a year ago. My partner provided one third of the deposit and we initially intended to purchase in our joint names, but decided not to as her income situation at the time would have reduced the maximum mortgage amount. Accordingly the property ... Continue Reading

Selling Stake in Private Company
on 03/10/2015 11:11, by LuckyOne

Hi, Three years ago my ex-employer established a U.S. subsidiary based in NYC & sent me over to run the operation. I was always paid in GBP & was essentially 'seconded' to work there as part of my visa. I.e. I never received a social security number or ... Continue Reading

Botched up tenancy in common ?
on 02/10/2015 18:17, by rainbowwolf

In December 2005, my father gifted me half his house on a 50/50 tenancy in common basis. We lived together. However, on 30 November 2009, we sold the house and I bought a smaller house with my half solely in my name and my dad moved in and carried on living with ... Continue Reading

foreign to uk tax year...
on 02/10/2015 14:35, by solaris

Hi, I am receiving pension from abroad, foreign tax year is 1/1 to 31/12 and pension is being credited to my bank account on the 1/st of each month. but as I see the UK tax year is different, so my annual tax return will be from May's pension to April's pension ... Continue Reading

Permanent Establishment??
on 02/10/2015 14:07, by int.tax.1

Hi I work for a UK Headquartered company. We have a Swiss affiliate. If the Director who is based in the UK is signing contracts and documents from the UK for the Swiss entity, do we have a real PE risk? We have a UK entity and a Swiss entity so I don't think ... Continue Reading

Software ltd company and VAT
on 02/10/2015 11:31, by SpAM_CAN

I'm currently looking at purchasing a computer for my limited company, and I want to know if I can claim back the VAT on that purchase as we are not VAT registered? It should be just over £2000 VAT inclusive (including monitors and a few other bits), but I can't ... Continue Reading

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