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Unmarried couple 2 properties
on 29/04/2016 20:34, by Hambo1

Hi, I own a property A, my partner owns a property B which we live in. We are unmarried but wish to sell property A, release equity from B and purchase another property. Unfortunately this will attract the 3% surcharge. Are there any ways around this? Eg transfer ... Continue Reading

3% additional SDLT and main residence
on 29/04/2016 19:14, by snadur

My civil partner and I owned 4 flats before 1st April 2016, all BTLs. We also owned a primary/main residence for 9.5 years until we sold it in February 2016. We are currently living in rented accomodation. We found a home to buy which will become our primary/main ... Continue Reading

tax on loan/capital interest repayment
on 29/04/2016 18:55, by taxinterestconfused

Hi, Several years ago brother lent me £50,000 to help start my business - now a limited company. I have been repaying the capital plus interest (3%) each year and the loan is now re-paid. My accountant has informed me that I now owe approximately £100 tax ... Continue Reading

Retirement savings plan
on 29/04/2016 15:36, by Silica666

A US company that I previously worked for facilitated a retirement savings scheme not termed as a pension. I have always been resident in the uk and worked internationally. I have paid UK tax on all my and the companies contributions to scheme at 40% as I declared ... Continue Reading

Flat Rate scheme
on 29/04/2016 13:25, by Rick James

I am about to take on a Pub as a management agent. the pub owners are responsible for all running costs and receive 100% of the income. I will invoice them for a % of turnover from which I will pay staff and myself. My predicted turnover is expected to be around ... Continue Reading

CGT Query on Ex-partner's house
on 29/04/2016 12:50, by PatPending

Hi Chaps, Back in 2007 my partner and I separated, being the joint owners of our (only) house. She continued to live in the house (with our son) for about a year, while I rented privately. Eventually she decided to buy another place, so 'our' house was sold - ... Continue Reading

class 2 NI self employed
on 29/04/2016 10:11, by foxrf49

Hi. I have searched the forum a bit but so far haven't found an answer to my problem although a recent post is similar to mine but has no replies, so here's hoping. I began self employment in November last year. In additon to this I was employed by 2 agencies. ... Continue Reading

query - foreign income
on 29/04/2016 06:10, by tapanag

Hi, A person has say 3500 GBP of income in India during the year ( Apr 2015 to April 2016) This income was NOT remitted to the UK and remains in INDIAN accounts. This income of 3500 GBP ( approx 3,40,000 INR ) was NOT TAXED IN INDIA as it was below the taxation ... Continue Reading

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