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Employing people
on 23/03/2019 20:58, by Oma

I have applied for registration as a new employer. My application has been acknowledged It takes two weeks to know the outcome of the application another week to get PAYE and Accounts Office reference numbers. Can I employ staff while the application is pending ... Continue Reading

Electric company car with private use
on 23/03/2019 16:14, by mrrafs

Hello, Our family car has just died. It was however used mostly by my wife who used it for valid business trips to clients several times a week. I am still trying to make head or tail of the tax implications of an electric replacement company car. She is a joint ... Continue Reading

Split year and capital gain tax
on 23/03/2019 11:23, by Mais78

Hello, after the summer I will move to Italy to start a new full time job. I will not be tax resident in Italy in 2019 as I will have spent less than 183 days there. This means Italy will tax only the income from my new job generated locally, so my new salary there. ... Continue Reading

Personal Allowance and split year treatment
on 22/03/2019 20:13, by Njmnjmnjm

Hi, I have registered for self assessment for some income I received during a split-year tax year during which I moved home to the UK from abroad. I was abroad for over two years as a student, but from the beginning of April I worked full-time for three months, ... Continue Reading

Restricted Stock Units Taxation after I leave the UK?
on 22/03/2019 16:41, by kshopp

I am an American citizen who was transferred by my company to the UK for a year. I received a grant of RSUs prior to going to the UK. I received another grant while in the UK, and I also had vesting occur in the UK for the first grant I received. Now that I am ... Continue Reading

BTL & Self-assessment
on 22/03/2019 13:34, by GILLHOUS

Hi I'm a 40% tax payer(PAYE) and own a couple of BTL properties which my husband managers. In practice we jointly own the properties, but his name is not on the mortgages because he is not currently employed - looking after the properties is his only job. I currently ... Continue Reading

Filling out C4 - Corrective Account Form
on 22/03/2019 13:24, by DJ314159

Suppose a painting was valued at £800 for probate and subsequently sold for £740, but after selling costs were subtracted only £600 remain. I assume it's the £600 figure that goes on the C4 corrective account form and not the £740, is this correct? Continue Reading

Selling an Inherited House - Deducting Costs
on 22/03/2019 11:12, by DJ314159

Can the full costs (solicitors + agent's fees) be deducted from the sale value of an inherited house to reduce the capital gain? Example: A house is inherited which had a £500k probate value. Some time later the house is sold for £515k, an increase of 3%. A ... Continue Reading

Tony Talks - 

ICPA Chairman, Tony Margaritelli discusses late rules on exemptions for MTD4Vat, why HMRC simply can't cope and what's coming up this month.