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VAT being charged when not VAT registered
on 19/10/2017 18:41, by zigmig

Hello Everyone I’m just looking for some advice from anyone who has a reasonable knowledge of VAT. I have been running a Limited company (VAT registered) for a few years now. Late last year I decided to do some part time work to earn some extra cash. The part ... Continue Reading

land not transferred on divorce
on 19/10/2017 17:43, by annierud

Hello A small parcel of garden land with separate deeds was not transferred after a divorce settlement to a spouse years ago. The error is only now being corrected and the spouse who is left on the deeds but shouldn't be is being asked to sign a transfer form. ... Continue Reading

Any taper relief on a CLT into trust ?
on 19/10/2017 14:24, by lizgreen333

I have finally understood (thanks to this forum) that taper relief on gifts only applies if the sum total of the gifts (in the 7 years) EXCEEDs the available NRB. Does this also apply to a CLT (a transfer that was made into a discretionary trust during the deceased's ... Continue Reading

US company investing in UK company - Dividends
on 19/10/2017 13:47, by sw1085

Hi there I hope someone is knowledgeable about this area and I can help - its about UK dividends being paid to US investors. We are a small US company based in Alaska and we are going to incorporate a UK company with it being owned 100% by us. When the company ... Continue Reading

Reducing income tax
on 19/10/2017 12:46, by Rekusu

What ho one and all, Until X years ago, I was self employed and was paying tax accordingly. My wife is not English, has never worked nor earned any income in the UK and although she has a NI number, is not HMRC registered. The company I was working for went ... Continue Reading

Interest deductions - buy to let
on 19/10/2017 10:28, by nicecold

Me and my wife bought a second home in July with the intention of renting out our previous home. As such we entered into a buy to let arrangement with our mortgage provider, and then purchased the second home. We have been paying payments on an interest only mortgage ... Continue Reading

Offshore loan - mixed fund impact
on 18/10/2017 19:41, by rr296

am I right in understanding that the proceeds from an offshore loan constitute 'clean capital'? I am talking about a true offshore loan with proceeds that are kept offshore, not about an onshore loan with offshore security... As I am working through a set of ... Continue Reading


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