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Tax query for 2013-2014 - overpaid
on 23/09/2019 16:29, by DtheRed

Afternoon, HMRC requested to see my SA calculations for the FY 2013-2014. I already know I did my tax calculations wrong that year (based on bad HMRC advice (phone call so no proof)) and I ended up overpaying tax by about £8,000. As a result, earlier this year ... Continue Reading

Overseas gift from my father
on 23/09/2019 16:23, by Maria2018

I'm a non dom resident in the UK and my father who is a non UK resident asked me to help him rent his property in his country through a power of attorney. This power of attorney gives me the right to enter into contract, collect rent and open an account in my name ... Continue Reading

Change of tax code implications
on 23/09/2019 14:02, by masteroats

Hi, My tax code has significantly changed - with my tax free allowance for 19/20 being reduced by £3000. If my current liability is £600 (3000 X 40% x 6/12 months) would the full £600 be taken from my next salary payment and the remaining monthly payments ... Continue Reading

Second Home
on 22/09/2019 16:37, by Furness

We have owned a second home for the past 6 years on the coast and now thinking of selling our main residence and moving to the second home permanently. We would then only own one home. What would be the tax implications on such a transaction? Thank you. Continue Reading

Disposal of buy to let
on 22/09/2019 15:55, by devon

I have just sold a “buy to let” property I have owned and rented out for 9 years. I understand I am entitled to deduct from the gain the purchase and sale expenses and the current CGT allowance of £12000. is this correct? Am I required to declare this gain ... Continue Reading

Milage expense calculation
on 22/09/2019 13:00, by wa-design

Hi everyone! Very noob question here but I'm very confused about a milage expense. I have recently gone freelance and had to drive to a job this whole week. The milage worked out to 292.8 miles total which as far as I know I can claim as an expense from my business ... Continue Reading

Fixing the most important tool
on 22/09/2019 09:28, by dogburger

Hi . Im just a builder who has worked for myself and main contractors for over 40 years . I probably haven't claimed all the tax back that I could have done over the years but have been quite happy to pay my bit . As I move into my 60's though my body is falling ... Continue Reading

CGT rate for higher rate tax payer
on 22/09/2019 09:00, by Kiran

Please help and clarify.. A higher rate tax payer, with trading profit in the range of 120k -125k, total taxable income in the range of 130k -140k is thinking of retiring at age 57 expecting goodwill and assets to bring a gain in the range of £485,000. With entrepreneurs' ... Continue Reading

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