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How to get a Unique taxpayer reference

Mr mini magic
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Postby Mr mini magic » Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:21 am

Can someone help me,
i worked for a firm last year,which i finished at the end of last year, over the last months i lived from the money that i earned, i have now started with the same firm but i am now working as a subbie and been told i need to go self-employed,
2 questions,
1) as i did not sign on the dole (as im told it would have been done automatically)i have not had any tax returned (which i know i am due)
2) i have been told by my new boss that i will be charged 30% if i dont have a "UTR" number and that i can apply "online"
can anyone put me wise or a link to where i must apply???
thank in advance!!!

Peter D
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Postby Peter D » Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:40 am

As you were paying tax in the original job then youe UTR will have been on any communication from HMRC, like your tax coding notice or a P60. If all else fails you can contact HMRC and request notification or your Number. You will have to provide ID, NI Number and possibly a verified copy of your passport, This van be done at a Job Centre Prus as they have a HMRC tax office there. There is no such this as automatic sign on and it also depends why you left the company as to whether you would have been entitled to register anyway. Regards Peter

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Postby robbob » Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:22 am

Hi mini

You will possibly not have a UTR if you not done tax returns before.
As you are now self employed you will have to register as such with the inland revenue an you will be isuued with a UTR.
You will also have to register as a subcontractor (you can do this by phone) or you will be liable to 30% deduction.
Note whatever tax gets deducted is just a deduction on account and will reduce any final tax bill you have.If it is 30% till you are registered you will just have less self assessment tax to pay come the year end (or higher rebate)

Note UTR's are not shown on P60's and are not normally on coding notices.

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Postby davidbarry » Wed Apr 23, 2008 12:19 am

Applying online simply means means logging inot the Revenue & Customs website and registering yourself as self-employed. Or you can telephone their helpline making sure you have the date you commenced as self-employed together with your national insurance number.
In due course you will receive a tax return which once completed calculates your total income and tax due from which is deducted the tax you have paid at source.
Its a shame that you did not claim benefits that you are due if out of work.
Complete earlier returns and a tax rebate maybe due to you.
At the start you should employ the services of a professional.
good luck.
regards davidbarryaccountant.co.uk on 020 8252 7018/078776714723

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