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CIS Tax Paid Twice

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CIS Tax Paid Twice

Postby Blue1234 » Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:32 pm

Hi all,

I made a mistake and I was hoping for some guidance about what the process would be for resolution.

Used a company for clearing pigeon fouling and installing deterrents. When I queried them about these works falling under scope of CIS I was led to believe this would not be applicable.

Paid the invoice (there was no deductions for CIS shown). Queried with HMRC and was initially told no it would not fall under the scope but further checking with a supervisor advised clearing the fouling would.

Contacted said company and was led to believe the over-payment would be returned and requested an amended invoice to show the CIS deduction as they are verified as standard rate. Paid the CIS tax to the HMRC and did my return as it was end of month.

Now being told they won't be returning the overpaid tax and won't be supplying an amended invoice to show the deduction.

A very silly mistake on my behalf and I feel very foolish as I always do my checks first but on this day I stupidly took the word of the company.

Does anybody know the process the HMRC will follow now? Just looking for some direction on what the process would be when I contact the helpline about this.

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Re: CIS Tax Paid Twice

Postby pawncob » Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:32 am

They'll have their cake as well! Their invoice doesn't have to show the deduction and you've (now) complied with the regs. Unfortunately you've overpaid the subbie and all you can do is request that they refund the overpayment when you issue the tax certificate.
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