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Applying VAT for a service that is offered in Italy

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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:56 am

Applying VAT for a service that is offered in Italy

Postby renatod » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:20 am

Hi Guys hope someone can clarify this for me.
We have an U.K LTD that currently offers services for Italian Restaurant and Shops.
Basically we provide them a an App, and Website where their customers can order food or other products and a delivery
guys will then collect and deliver it to the customer.
The delivery guys are self employed so they are not our direct employees.
I found some issues for invoicing to those restaurants and shops.
Basically we invoice them every 2 weeks where we get paid our fees (percentage)for each order done using our
App or website.
When we invoice them do we have to apply our U.k VAT or Italian? I'm pretty sure we have to apply Italian IVA (VAT).
Also when their provide a receipt for their customer, the IVA is already included, and we get our fees (percentage) on the total.
But when we invoice them we apply Italian VAT (IVA) so let's say they are paying their VAT (IVA) again when they shouldn't. We get our fees on the total inclusive of VAT (IVA) but if we start getting our fees on the total without the VAT (IVA) then we will not be able to pay back the delivery guys, our marketer etc. So instead of increasing our fees what can it be another solution?
Also one more question is for bank account when we get paid our fees can we get these fees in an italian Personal account or not? Can we appoint a person as our representative in Italy for that or not?because otherwise the transaction will cost to the Italian business 8€ each time they make a payment to U.K

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Re: Applying VAT for a service that is offered in Italy

Postby GlobalTaxAdviser » Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:33 pm


You are supplying electronic services to businesses in Italy therefore the onus on the VAT falls on where the customer belongs i.e Italy.

They need to account for the VAT under reverse charge

You would only charge Italian VAT if you have a VAT establishment in Italy which I do not think you have.

Why do you think you need to charge IVA ?

Can your customers not pay into a Euro account in the UK. Does it cause them a problem ? It maybe difficult to open an Italian bank account without any presence there

If you have long term plans doing business in Italy then a Italian company maybe a consideration.



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