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Moving to UAE, keeping UK house but not renting

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Moving to UAE, keeping UK house but not renting

Postby TheMrs » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:02 am

Good morning

I have looked at a lot of Ex-pat tax advice sites and none seem to apply to our particular situation so I am hoping someone here can help.

Our UK business failed last year and our income for tax purposes in 17/18 is well within the basic tax allowance. After several months of searching my husband has been offered a job in Dubai and left the UK in December. His new employer is paying him in local currency there. I follow with the kids in March. We own a house here BUT do not intend renting it out (will return to it for a few weeks each year, maximum 8 weeks in total annually).

My question is this - will we be liable for any UK tax in 18/19 and subsequent whole years we are in UAE? We will have zero UK generated income of any kind. Not renting out house, no dividends, no savings income, pensions...have I read the rules correctly? I don't want the fact we're keeping our house (albeit not earning us anything) to trip us up.

With thanks

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