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VAT threshold

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Postby pallet » Wed Jun 07, 2006 12:52 am

Has the inspector told you what other business he is relying on. As i have said before do not wriggle you have done your bit now let them do theirs. The next thing is, are your books kept in the order the revenue say they should be as they will try to use that point.You must remember the favorite thing the HMIT asks for is proof which they know no one can supply. Ask the inspector what does he want from you and can you have what he holds that is causing him concern.ALso remember the HMIT only want you to pay the correct tax no more or no less.(sorry that was a joke in bad taste)so do not give in to bully boy tatics and pay what clealy , from what you have said, is not owed,epecialy when you have not had any proof from the HMIT to the contary.You will be told the onus is on you to prove the inspectors wrong but he has to show how he came up with his figures first, as it is him/her who is calling you a liar.Your last statment is truer than you thimk.

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