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property search ?

Joined:Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:06 pm

Postby bigbobo2 » Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:26 am

as you say its avaliable to all because of the freedom of information act,how does one access a persons details be it their own or someone elses ,id like to see whats held on myself being curious ,just what do you do ,access the site,do it by post ?
regards bobo

Joined:Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:39 pm
Location:Operate Nationally but based in Aberdeen

Postby wamstax » Sat Mar 22, 2008 11:29 am

Hi Big Boab Try this link as it will give you what you are after but equally I would enter HMRC DPA into Google and see what you get.....

regards and hope this helps. Remember noseyness killed the cat
regards and hope this helps
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Joined:Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:25 pm

Postby pallet » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:02 am

Peter D is correct, a solicitor would hold records and most people only use one or two so memory should not be a problem.If its CG tax get your computations done and if its income from property get your adviser to prepare them. Bank statements can be ordered for the years in question and then your adviser can tell how best to pay the tax if any is owed.I am not sure that the land registry can tell you what you have owned but they can tell you and the revenue what you do own. A simple phone call will give you that information.
In a nut shell wamstax is correct do not make false statements you only dig a bigger hole, better no statement then a false one but remember these inspector love a challenge and they are in a position were they can make false statements and get away with it. That is why t/ps should write to Newcastle for the information what you or your agent have all ready told them and if there is any particular reason for this investigation .I am sure once you retrieve all you docs things will not look so bad and a lot of the work you can do yourself but you need a good agent to show you how to get all the relief available to you so you only pay the right tax and not what a inspector would like you to, good luck I know its a trying time

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