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Is my boss fiddling my tax?

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Joined: Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:28 pm

Is my boss fiddling my tax?

Postby GeneHunt » Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:00 pm

Hi, not sure if i'm in the right place but, here goes,
is it true that employers get a £2000 booster payment per employee if they're on the "living wage" of £8.30 (i think)?
because, i recently had an offer of another job paying a little over £9 an hour ( i'm on £7.60 at the mo')
my boss immediately says he can give me £8.30, my payslip has always said :-hours worked = 1, rate is £x,xxx the same as final amount £x,xxx
so you can't see how many hours i work or how much i get paid per hour,
also, 4 of us ( we're a small company, less than 10 people) didn't pay tax in April and May, he blamed the first one on the changing tax year, (we didn't buy it either)
the second he blamed on Sage, the company who deals with a lot of wages, then on an accountant he was using,
he said the missed tax would be spread over the remaining months of the year, we said the taxman doesn't do that, you owe tax, he takes tax,
he has since said the we will pay one of the missed months in our next pay packet, and the firm will pay the other missed month, because they are partly to blame,
and to make us more suspicious, he told us the vat man was auditing him, the next day he went out and bought an incinerator!

I did decide to stay, with the extra travel & fuel costs, the extra money wouldn't have made that big a difference in the end, a little bit of regret is creeping in :?

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Re: Is my boss fiddling my tax?

Postby robbob » Fri Jul 17, 2015 11:36 am

Hi, not sure if i'm in the right place but, here goes,
is it true that employers get a £2000 booster payment per employee if they're on the "living wage" of £8.30 (i think)?
Absolutely not - at present Employers have to pay an additional "tax" (called Employers National insurance) - Basically its a 14% charge on your gross wage over £156 per week.

eg if you get paid £356 gross in a week your employer pays you and also pays 14% of 200 as the extra "tax"

The £2k rebate is simply a discount against the extra tax that they would have to pay - useful for small employers as its a per business limit not employee.
Unfortunately for small employers at the same time they brought this rebate/discount ion they also removed the ability of small employers to receive compensation for Statutory Sick Pay paid out - now even the smallest employer (E.g newsagent with one staff member) can be liable for a large wad of sick pay whilst at the same time having to find another employee to cover said sick person.

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