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Where Taxpayers and Advisers Meet

Notes of Interview.

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Postby Reflect » Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:44 pm

My accountant had a meeting with the IR on my behalf. He was asked to send the minutes to me, after a week or two past phoned his office again he was away on holiday, so an office worker sent the minutes to me. I was horrified to see some of the things he had said, one in particular he had said 'in her earlier day's she had another business that was burnt down arson was suspected although never proven' This has never happened to me. Now my concern is I have had this AC for years he has done all my books, so why would he say such things that are not true. What recorse do I have to have this struck off the minutes as well as other's,Also, What do I do about this re my accountant! or do I need a Lawyer

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Postby deanshepherd » Thu Jul 07, 2005 12:04 am

The first thing you should do is discuss the situation with your accountant. Maybe he was getting you confused with another client regarding the 'arson' incident. I do not have enough information to comment on what he said, but he may not have necessarily been suggesting that it was you that committed the arsion in any case. He may have been trying to get sympathy from the Revenue.

If, as a result of speaking to him, you decide that you do not trust him to continue to act on your behalf, then I would suggest you find an alternative accountant and just draw a line under the incident. Unless you believe you have been adversely affected by his comments (rather than just offended) taking lgal action is only going to make one person happy - your solicitor's bank manager!

Dean Shepherd
MMI, The Surrey Accountants

Simon Sweetman
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Postby Simon Sweetman » Thu Jul 07, 2005 12:18 am

This seems like very bad practice. What you have not said is what is why your accountant went to see the Revenue. If this is an enquiry you could have some serious problems being stored up. In that case you need to talk to an enquiry specialist before you think about going back to the Revenue.

You can phone me on 01394 274857 if you would like further advice.

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Postby Reflect » Thu Jul 07, 2005 6:48 am

Thank you both for your reply you are more than kind. Now this is going to be a long one, so best to read it over a cup of Tea!

It is a Tax investigation, I got a Letter last year May 26th 2004 saying that they were looking into the buisness and my personal, so they asked for personal bank statements for the year 2002/3. The Bank statments were put together and taken straight down to the AC. Then in July I got another letter from Tax I phoned AC he said it was in hand. then in April this year my AC informed me that he had lost my bank statements, so I had to get copies from the bank. Now think about it we are nearly a year on from when they first asked for the info. So the Tax wanted a meeting, my AC said they could meet at my buisness place, which we did in May this year. After they had a look round my AC had a meeting with them at their office, re the statment he made on the above post, then they asked for detailes of property going back to 96 re Capital Cains, now bear with me as I am not very good at this, All this was gained for the AC which he has still not given to the investigators. Now a Part of the minutes said did I know how serious this was, My concerin is, If I pay book'keepers and AC to look afetr my interests and make sure every thing is in order, how am I meant to know things are not right! If I could do bookwork then I would not need book'keepers or AC or would I? But as I am dyslexic it makes things more difficult, and talking about that, they have also asked to see all credit card statments going back to 2000, as you now have to put a pin number in I keep geeting it back to front, as indeed with my writing, reading as for spelling well! Anyway, If you sell a Buisness and buy another one the AC would know that, would he not, as he is the one that has alway's done the books from buisness to buisness, So you can see why I am a bit concerned,as it started out with bank statments for 2002/3 now look where it has gone. Now in fact I am a Big bit concerned! Not that I think I have done anything wrong, it is the fact that the Tax think I have done something wrong. Oh, also the AC put a figure in the directors AC the Tax asked about it and my AC asked me about it, but he was the one that put it into the books or figures,why would he write to me asking that, he knows very well the book'keepers and him do the book's and he also fills the form you send in each year to the tax, albeit I get a wage from the company I own, I also now pay tax on property I own, can you see my concern. It's way above my head! as I don't do books don't know how much I am worth, although I think on Paper it is an lot of money!

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Postby deanshepherd » Thu Jul 07, 2005 7:15 am

I think you are in a very unenviable position here.

Under normal circumstances I would advise you to ditch your accountant who, at the very least, is not providing you with the level of service you expect. However, given that you are in the middle of an investigation where your accountant 'should' have detailed knowledge of your business history, it could be very expensive for you to have a new accountant come in and research the history of your business affairs with no guarantee that you are going to be in a better situation with regard to the outcome of the investigation.

Indeed he would probably have to enter into significant correspondence with your current accountant just to ascertain the whys and wherefors of various events over the years.

However, if the working relationship with your accountant has got to the point where you have lost trust in his ability to do his job in a professional manner then it may be better to cut your losses sooner rather than later.

I think once the investigation has been concluded you will then be in a position to evaluate whether you have a legal case against your accountant.

Dean Shepherd
MMI, The Surrey Accountants

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Postby King_Maker » Thu Jul 07, 2005 7:54 am

As Dean says, you are in a tricky position.

On the information you have given, my initial reaction would be to engage another accountant who you can have more confidence in. His/her fees may well be recoverable from your current accountant.

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Postby johnfkavanagh » Thu Jul 07, 2005 9:26 am

I think I rather agree with King Maker. If I were you, I think I would be very reluctant to let your existing accountant continue to handle this enquiry. I accept that Dean has a point on the professional costs but that is only one side of the equation and it seems to me that it would be unwise to rely on your existing accountant's ability or willingness to negotiate an outcome which is in your best interests.

John Kavanagh
UK Tax Consulting Ltd
Chartered Tax Advisers
Tel: 020 7060 1660
Fax: 020 7060 1663
John Kavanagh CTA ATT FRSA
Director, UK Tax Consulting Limited

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Postby Reflect » Thu Jul 07, 2005 1:45 pm

Thank you once again.
That is what my feeling are no confiidence.
I think he will charge a lot as he has already taken £2000 for one letter sent to the IR which they say they never recieved. He was also asking for another £4000 that was prior to the meeting, so I await his bill for an hour meeting with the IR.So keep in mind at this point, all he has done is to lose my bank statement's and had one meeting with the IR, Oh and also he was there when he brought them along to my place of buisness. I do not think that was right but then this may be normal to bring inspectors to your place of work. Not a good thing when you have a lot of staff about!

Anyway, from the minutes of the meeting he seem's to be doing more damage than good, he has still to pick up the info that was asked for at the meeting, he has not had to search it all out and put it to-gether that has all been done for him.

Not only that my AC has brought another name person up at the meeting on the minutes, so the Tax inspectors now want to seek to speak to that person. There is something not right.

He also said he might bring them up to my house! I do not know if this is the done thing, if it is I have never heard of it before. Also the business I am in is Vat exempt!.

I do not mind paying the money, But somehow, I do not think I am getting the proper professional service that is required for this type of work. All I can see is from the Tax asking for 2002/3 look where it has gone to. Definately something not right!

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Postby deanshepherd » Thu Jul 07, 2005 2:28 pm

I think the time has come to find yourself a more reliable accountant.

Try using the 'Find a professional' link to the right of this page. Make sure you find someone with experience of dealing with investigations.

Whereabouts are you based?


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Postby jam669 » Tue Jul 12, 2005 4:56 pm


You need to be confident in you Accountants ability if not lose him - mentioning previous businesses and arson and naming other individual really is not on - you pay him not for an audit, but for an overview of your account and to extract what he think is non business activity - to make sure your returns are done on time and to advise you on your personal tax and how to reduce liability.
Has he?

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