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Submitting CGT calculations using online SA Worksheets

Joined:Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:39 pm
Submitting CGT calculations using online SA Worksheets

Postby landlord1234 » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:41 pm

I have made my CGT calculations for 2019/20 and I'm submitting my SA return online.

I'm really confused as to whether I can use the worksheets provided or need to upload detailed calculations in PDF format.

My calculation includes PPR.

Do I simply enter the online worksheet

Deduction, if any, in respect of reliefs and elections: (optional) : £xyzzy

Description of elections made and of reliefs claimed or due. Where applicable, give the amount:
Principal Private Residence Relief £xyz

I'd appreciate any comments from someone with experience of this.


The help provide is as follows .....

Some reliefs have to be claimed and you must make your claim by clearly stating it in your attached computation. Some claims have to be made on a separate claim form which you complete and attach to your tax return along with your computation. Others, such as private residence relief, are due without needing to make a claim. You should state the amount of any relief or allowance you are claiming.

In some cases, you may wish to make an election, such as for an 'earn out right' not to be treated as a security. You must make your election by clearly stating it in your attached computation.

You can enter a maximum of 240 characters, including spaces. You can only enter letters and numbers and the special characters '()*,-./£@&.

Please don't use the 'Enter' (or 'Return') key on the keyboard when entering information into, or moving away from, this field. Use the spacebar on the keyboard if you need to make more than one entry.

If there is not enough space here, include details in the 'Any other information' page or in an attachment to your tax return.

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