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Salary dividend and tax?

Joined:Sun Jan 09, 2022 7:04 pm
Salary dividend and tax?

Postby Oldblu » Sun Jan 09, 2022 7:35 pm

Hi All,

If I get paid £12,570 salary
£62,430 dividend and put £7,500 into my pension what’s the final take home after all deductions?
Obviously this as a shareholder.
For tax year 2022/23


Joined:Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:15 pm

Re: Salary dividend and tax?

Postby Lambs » Wed Jan 12, 2022 4:41 am


If I have understood your question correctly, then the situation will be as follows:

Your total income is £75k.
I have assumed that your private pension contributions are £6,000 physically paid - this is in turn £7,500 'grossed up' for the Basic Rate of tax.
I have assumed that you / your family are not in receipt of Child Benefit (or that, if you are, then your adjusted net income is not the higher amount in the couple, if applicable)
Likewise that you have no other taxable income, (or taxable "benefits in kind" from your employment), and that you have made no charitable donations in the year.
And that any income is not subject to an IR35-type "over-ride" adjustment
Also that you are below State Pension Age (relevant for your exposure to National Insurance Contributions)

With regard to your salary, and assuming that your tax code is the standard 1257L, then you will suffer no Income Tax on your salary but you WILL have to pay NICs - presumably the standard Class 1 Primary Contributions - at the elevated rate as will apply temporarily before the new Health & Social Care Levy takes effect. While the Employment Allowance is supposed to apply also to the new Levy, etc., we do not know if you are a 'singleton' director/shareholder and ineligible for the Allowance, but in any event the Employment Allowance reduces exposure to secondary (employer) contributions, not those of the employee.

Your NICs will amount to £356.43. Your net salary should therefore be £12,213.57.

With regard to dividends, these will be taxable through Self Assessment, at a combination of rates of 0%, 8.75% and 33.75% (these will also have increased for 2022/23, which may well have prompted your question). Your pension contributions act to extend your Higher Rate Threshold from £50,270 to £57,770.
£2,000 will be taxable at 0%
£43,200 will be taxable at 8.75%
£17,230 will be taxable at 33.75%

Your total dividend tax will be £9,595.13, payable through Self Assessment.

Ignoring any adjustments that will normally apply for payments on account already made / payments on account required for 2023/24, your total net income for 2022/23 will therefore be £12,213.57 + £52,834.87 = £65,048.44 (before deducting the £6k in pension contributions made personally). There may be some rounding adjustments depending on the software / pay period used, etc., but that should be accurate to within, say, a couple of pounds.

I trust this is useful.



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