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UK Citizen and Australian Permanent Resident, Residing in UK

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Joined: Thu May 16, 2019 9:27 am

UK Citizen and Australian Permanent Resident, Residing in UK

Postby ross19 » Thu May 16, 2019 9:48 am

Hi - hope you can help with this as I've read conflicting advice. It feels complex to me but reading some of the other posts on here is probably quite simple when compared to other posters!

I'm a UK citizen and lived here from birth until June 2014 when I went travelling. I moved to Australia in December 2014 on a temporary work visa (457) and became an Australian permanent resident in December 2017. I left Australia in April 2018 and moved back to the UK in June 2018. I now earn a UK salary from one company and am a company Director of a separate business where I receive a £2k annual dividend, but no other income. I have Australian savings and investments that generate interest and dividend income of ~$4k per annum. I intend to move back to Australia before the end of 2022.

From what I have read, I assume for myself:
1. I should file a UK tax return as a UK tax resident. My taxable UK income is my UK salary and UK dividends
2. I should file an Australia tax return as a foreign resident. My taxable Australian income is my Australian bank interest and dividend income.

Will either the UK or Australia tax me on my foreign income and will I need to claim an offset through the double tax treaty?

My partner is an Australian citizen. She lived in Australia from birth until April 2018 and moved with me to the UK in June 2018. She is working here on a tier 5 youth mobility visa. We intend to extend this either through a spousal visa or sponsorship through her employer. She earns a UK salary but has a rental property in Australia. She also has an outstanding HECS balance (Australian student debt).

For my partner:
3. She will need to file an Australian tax return due to her Australian property income and HECS. Will she only pay Australian tax on her Australian income?
4. Does she need to file a UK tax return due to her foreign income? Will she also pay tax on that in the UK and have to claim relief?

Appreciate any advice you can offer.

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