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Employment page or Foreign page?

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Employment page or Foreign page?

Postby bubu » Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:34 am


I was non-resident in UK from 2011 to 2018, then left my job abroad and came back to UK in May 2018.

I became resident in the UK from May till Deceber 2018.

I departed UK in December 2018 and have become non-resident in the UK again as long as I stay overseas in full-time employment until at least April 6th 2020.I can claim split-year from April 6th 2018 until my return to the UK in May 2018. As I cannot claim split-year twice, what happens about the period I worked abroad from December 2018 to April 5th 2019? I believe I would need to declare that income on my tax return. However, which additional forms should I request from HMRC? Employment or Foreign pages?

I ask as I read on the Foreign notes for a previous year, "Don't use the 'Foreign' pages for: ..... foreign employment income - use the 'Employment' pages."

Additionally, I have already got my tax return for 2018/2019, (I already do returns because I rent out a property in the UK) but I didn't inform HMRC I was back in the UK for 6 months. Do I need HMRC to send me a new tax return, or do I just need to request additional pages?

I am very confused.

Many thanks.

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