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Do you know why my Tax Code has changed?

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Joined: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:50 am

Do you know why my Tax Code has changed?

Postby treez » Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:38 am

Please help me understand why my Tax Code has changed?
I have just started a new job. It is my only job. My Salary (Gross) is £32k.
My first payslip, dated 30 April 2017, gave me a take-home of £2069.42, from a Tax code of “1150L”
My second payslip, dated 31 May 2017, gives me a take-home pay of £971.53, from a Tax code of “D0”.
Do you know how or why my Tax Code has changed?
I have lodged a message on my “Personal Tax Account” at the HMRC website, but it just says I can expect a response by Mid July.
When I telephone HMRC, I just get a load of ansaphone options.

After the second payslip , the Boss called me in the office, and asked me if i had a second income, which i don't. He then just told me that the Tax Rebate, if and when it arrives, would come to the company and not to me.

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Re: Do you know why my Tax Code has changed?

Postby D&C » Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:36 pm

Only HMRC can really say but you might start by looking at your 'Personal Tax Account's on

This should show you what information HMRC have for you and also what details your employer has sent into them.

There is no need to wait until July, simply phone HMRC (or try web chat if they have it?) explain your employment circumstances and if it is necessary they should be aware to issue a corrected tax code there and then.

Take no notice of your boss. You won't get a tax refund from from the tax office, if your tax code needs to be changed (highly likely if you have included all relevant detail in your post) HMRC will send details of the new code number (possibly back to 1150L) to your employer and they will calculate your next pay using the new code and any adjustments to your tax will be made via your wages. It may be that you pay little or no tax for a month before things return to normal.

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