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PAYE for employers: HMRC 'Non filing notice' after 1st Payroll submission using Freeagent FPS/RTI

Big Dave
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Joined: Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:55 pm

PAYE for employers: HMRC 'Non filing notice' after 1st Payroll submission using Freeagent FPS/RTI

Postby Big Dave » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:30 pm

Hi there,

My first post here, I hope to do everything right.

I run my own private LTD company from a year and something. I am the only employee, director and shareholder.
I had an accountant acting as my agent and doing paperworks for my company and for myself. I wasn't really happy so I left him. I'm still looking to find a new one but in the meantime I need to report the payroll to HMRC.

I successfully registered for the 'PAYE for employer’ service and assuming I’ve done the right thing, using Freeagent, on the 12 Nov I filed the RTI report with HMRC submitting the payroll.

Today I went on HRMC website to check everything was fine and I received two generic messages/notifications:
1. A 'Late filing notice dated 13 Nov.
I submitted my payroll late so I knew that so I guess I can archive it. I know I have to file it before or on the date etc.

2. A 'Non filing notice' dated 14 Nov.
Now this looks weird as on Freeagent it says I successfully filed it and has been received on the 12 Nov. Furthermore on Freeagent the submission looks fine and on my payroll section the last message says 'Month 7 Filed with HMRC. Your RTI report has been successfully filed with HMRC.’.
I started investigating about the notification on my HMRC/PAYE online account and I realised that I did not added any employee:
a) Might this be related to notice 2? Or might be something else?
b) Should I add myself as a employee/director in any case or not?
c) Might be notifications have some delay and it has been sent before I submitted the payroll but I received it only on the 14th?
d) Should I presume HMRC received my Payroll or not? Is there any way, I'm not aware of, to find out if they received it or not?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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Re: PAYE for employers: HMRC 'Non filing notice' after 1st Payroll submission using Freeagent FPS/RTI

Postby AmanSood » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:58 pm

Hi Dave

Why are you operating a payroll if you are not including any employees? You say you are the only employee and therefore I assume you are paying yourself. However, I also assume you pay yourself a nominal amount to cover the personal allowance only in which case no PAYE to withhold?

There are a few considerations so worth getting an accountant sooner. Feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss.


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