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Holiday Pay & Final Salary amount please help

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Holiday Pay & Final Salary amount please help

Postby 170872 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:23 am

Dear All, I been a bit confused how to calculate holiday pay and final salary for someone who is leaving on the 6th September 2019.

Details as follows:

Holiday pay 7.5 days
Leaving date 6 September 2019
Annual Salary full time - £22,000

Would be grateful if someone can share the calculation for me to see how much the employee is entitled for Holiday and final pay for the 6 days.


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Re: Holiday Pay & Final Salary amount please help

Postby jerome.lane » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:15 pm

Do you not just pay them 12.5 days pay?
This is 7.5 days holiday and 5 working days worked from 1 to 6 September assuming they last got paid to 31 August and work full time mon-fri.
If you need to work out holiday accrued for holiday for 5 days of September, you would need to know the total annual holiday entitlement.
Most software packages should work it out for you as there are a number of factors such as contracted hours that will affect the calculation.
Good luck!
Jerome Lane
Tax Adviser
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Re: Holiday Pay & Final Salary amount please help

Postby robbob » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:31 pm

Ref days paid for working

I guess it depends how the calculations are done - i am guessing everyone may default to their own way of working this out - i have no idea if there is a default method that should be used so take my guess witha pinch of salt.

If someone leaves on 6th of the month and has fixed annual salary i guess you could just use 6/31 * £22,000 * 1/12 - this being the pro rata portion of that month with that month that they were employed given as pay. being 1/12 of the annual pay.

Reminder note to self when i hand in my notice do it to end on a bank holiday monday :) or on new years day

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