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Self assessment employed

JonThan chambers
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Joined: Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:25 am

Self assessment employed

Postby JonThan chambers » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:45 am

Ok so not very funny but been employed all my life and sent a tax bill one day for 98k then another for 56 and another for 29k all for the same period 07-17 all made up of fines penalties and interest for non return of self assessment.. called them agreed it must be a mistake someone turns up I explain I’m dealing with and quote the gents name and number on the doorstep and she leaves. Then send gent requested paperwork. Roll on four years later it appeases I have a ccj I knew noting about at all- Mo one sent me any letter or I would have acted as I have done each time. Now want a final charging order judge says nothing to do with whether amount is hugely incorrect or not, only way of changing that is appealing to HMRC but they say clearly no it’s too late !!!! What !!! So I am a single father employed not in higher wage bracket and they want my home for non file of forms!!
So fast forward am now and only now just told 8% interest a year will be posted on this amount meaning I have to pay 10k a year for the debt to stand still or it will simply grow!! Fast forward to now paying a top forensic accountant ridiculous money to sort this out and at least make it reasonable if not I’m starting over just to pay HMRC fines I shouldn’t top it all I just get a letter saying I no longer need to fill in sa forms!! Anyone else experienced this rubbish

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Re: Self assessment employed

Postby wamstax » Mon Sep 24, 2018 2:33 am

Certainly seems to be something wrong if you did not receive relevant forms that would have advised your ability to appeal matters within appropriate 30 day time limits. HMRC are not always correct and engaging somebody that knows what they are doing is certainly the best way forward.

There are circumstances and situations where HMRC May not be able to prove that forms and penalties were issued and it is possible to apply for late appeals.

Given that they have issued you with advice that you do not require to complete forms their assessments/ tax bills may have not been made to best judgement
regards and hope this helps
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