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Renew Your Tax credits Now!
24/07/2010, by HM Revenue & Customs, Tax Articles - General
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HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is urging Tax Credits claimants to renew their claims by the 31 July deadline, or their payments will stop.

Tax Credits Renewal - The Process is Simple

Renewing is simple – you need to check the accuracy of the information in the renewals pack you’ve been sent, and let HMRC know of any changes in your circumstances that you haven’t already reported during the year, such as in your working hours, childcare costs or pay. You must also provide details of your previous year’s income.

Having the right documents to hand will help reduce errors when you’re filling out the form, for example, payslips, your end of year P60 form and childcare details.

HMRC’s Director of Benefits and Credits Steve Lamey said:

“There are only a few days left to renew your Tax Credits, so you need to take urgent action if you haven’t done so. It’s simple – if you don’t renew your claim before 31 July, your payments will stop.” 

New Online Videos to Help You Renew Tax Credits

HMRC has recently launched a series of new online help videos which take Tax Credits claimants step-by-step through the renewals process. The interactive, bite-sized videos offer you the chance to tailor the help to your own circumstances. The videos cover key areas such as:

  • checking the accuracy of the information in your renewals pack;
  • notifying HMRC of any changes in circumstances you haven’t already reported during the year; and
  • providing details of your previous year’s income.

They are available – as well as lots of other help and information on Tax Credits renewals – from the DirectGov website at TaxCredits

Steve Lamey added:

“These new videos are a great way of getting help and advice on renewing your Tax Credits, and should be able to answer any questions you may have about the renewals process.”

 For further information on Tax Credits Renewals, see LITRG's article Tax Credits Renewals 2010 - Ed

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