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Caravan and Capital Allowances
on 24/06/2022 13:37, by Yiannis17

Hi Would a caravan that has been purchased by a self employed individual to act as his office at the back of his garden, who works from home ( does not live in the caravan but lives in the main home) qualify for 100% allowances? Thank you Continue Reading

Too much tax
on 24/06/2022 06:51, by Zelda1889

I earn around 16,000. I recently had a small payout from my previous employers (which was taxed) of around 4.5k, my two salaries since have now been taxed at double the amount previously?? Continue Reading

paye tax code whilst self employed
on 23/06/2022 11:48, by sandra_g

hi there, I've been self employed in a partnership for a few years and started a part time job this month. My employer has given me the 1257L tax code and I'm not paying any tax or NI on my first weekly pay slip. Is this the correct tax code for me When I file ... Continue Reading

Pinball Machine Import from Netherlands vendor
on 20/06/2022 12:18, by JTay

In the pinball hobby it's common for people (individual end-customers, not companies) to import machine's from a vendor in the Netherlands - a common question which keeps arising in the pinball community is whether there are extra charges to pay to import a machine ... Continue Reading

Closure of Offshore trust
on 17/06/2022 16:14, by Yiannis17

Hi What are the implication for a non resident, non UK domicile who has taken loans as a beneficiary from an offshore trust (the loans were taken whilst they were though UK Resident). It is intended that the trust is closed very soon and there is no intention ... Continue Reading

CGT on jointly owned house where I paid for improvements
on 17/06/2022 10:03, by Ted1970

Hi Having been gifted 50% by my father I now own half of my parents house - my father the other half - and some years on we are now selling Since I was gifted my share there have been some improvement works carried out - which I paid for 100% and my father paid ... Continue Reading