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Latest from the Forum Post Your Tax Query Latest from the Forum
on 21/09/2018 14:22, by JKPOLYMERS

Hi I'm looking to start a BTL but not sure who it's going to work with taxes, I've heard that ALL income will be taxable in the next few years. I can see from the market research that I've carried out, rents are increasing in certain areas meaning higher income ... Continue Reading

IHT liability
on 20/09/2018 22:05, by logistic

I have been left the estate of my late husband which has been valued at some £563,000. As his spouse there is no IHT due. As I am already comfortable financially in my own right, I have contemplated having a deed of variation drawn up in my adult children’s ... Continue Reading

on 20/09/2018 18:23, by musty

I wish to gift a buy to let property to my two daughters, both of whom are married, and hopefully in the future the gift will qualify as a successful PET. Is there any way in which I can structure the gift to preclude the risk of a successful claim of a share ... Continue Reading

Linked transaction
on 20/09/2018 17:01, by CliveT

I am currently doing some transfer of equities. 6 properties are held as Tenants in common between my wife and my daughter, and 6 properties are held as Tenants in common between myself and my daughter. There are also 4 properties held as Tenants in common between ... Continue Reading

Holdover relief on charge over property
on 20/09/2018 10:27, by 27Spots

Hi, Can anyone advise whether holdover relief is available on a charge over property? Trust holds charge over property, trustees now want to appoint property out to beneficiaries by cancelling the charge. Is the cancellation of the charge a "gift" for holdover ... Continue Reading

UK Tax Code Question
on 20/09/2018 05:38, by harrykane140693

I am a student in the UK who works part time as a lab assistant and over the summer full time. My payslip says 685L0 but I can't find this tax code anywhere. Can anyone tell me why I am assigned this tax code? Continue Reading

Interpretation of Accounting Statement
on 19/09/2018 14:52, by LankyD

Hi - This is related to an earlier post with significant more clarification and detail - hopefully someone out there can shed some light and common sense on this Recently an american company General Growth Properties (GGP) merged and shareholders were paid out ... Continue Reading

Additional rate on main residence
on 19/09/2018 14:02, by sophierussler

Hi all, I live with my fiance in a property owned by me. We both own other property. I realise that if we sell the current property and buy another then we will be liable to the additional rate (due to him gaining a property). And I also believe that if I try ... Continue Reading

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