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Charity Fundraising event
on 13/08/2022 06:25, by B Johnson

I am aware of the VAT exemption for charity fundraising events but can a charity registered for VAT take advantage of it? If so, the charity would be unable to claim the input tax on the costs of running the event. But would it be possible to structure the event ... Continue Reading

CGT Moving to Ireland
on 13/08/2022 00:52, by cr0

Hi Feel free to answer as few or as many of the below as you can: If a UK resident (non-dom, but deemed dom) moves to Ireland for several years: 1) at what stage do they become resident in Ireland? 2) at what stage would they become non-dom in Ireland, so that ... Continue Reading

Gift and loan back?
on 12/08/2022 07:35, by Pa954

An aunt recently gifted my friend some money to buy a house (she will still use all her IHT allowances but is somewhat illiquid). The aunt is now seriously Ill so my friend would like to find a way to transfer the money to the aunt so they can use some or all of ... Continue Reading

Liability of an estate to CGT
on 12/08/2022 07:07, by Remittub

I am currently the executor to 2 estates - viz. I am co-executor to my brother's estate in Dublin (but have "stood aside", allowing the Irish solicitor deal with the day-to-day administration for simplicity) and am also sole executor to my wife's estate. My ... Continue Reading

Concessionary price ( England)
on 11/08/2022 14:52, by colin66

For SDLT query ( posting Cgt query on other board). If I sell my house worth £500k to son ( he owns a property already) at £125K. .. would move in/ out as normal . I am I right to assume stamp duty would be £3750 ,( actual consideration, not value) reclaimable ... Continue Reading

Concessionary price
on 11/08/2022 14:43, by colin66

For cgt query ( posting SDLT query on other board). If I sell my house worth £500k to son ( he owns a property already) at £125K. .. would move in/ out as normal . I assume he would have no cgt when he later sells as ppr, but he decides to rent it out in ... Continue Reading

A discretionary Trust can new benaficiaries be added?
on 09/08/2022 23:01, by neil123

Hello Forum Now had confirmation from the solicitors who took on the closed firms clients that my late wife Will created a Discretionary Trust. The Will says the Step 1 provisions apply as long as they do not conflict with the beneficial provisions of the Will. Do ... Continue Reading