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Annual Interest and Dividends on Investment Bond
on 18/08/2018 12:49, by robertiac1

Apologies as this is a very naive question. My wife's aunt has a investment bond (Standard Life International Bond). Since moving into a care home her flat has been rented out, and an accountant does her self-assessment, and the rental income together with ... Continue Reading

Land tax/capital gauns ??
on 17/08/2018 21:19, by OKG

My mum owns a piece of land , not joined to her main residence. She has planning permission to build 2 properties, one for her and one for me.She wants to divide the land and give 2/3rds to me to build a house and keep the other third to build a house for her that ... Continue Reading

Inheritance tax - Help needed
on 17/08/2018 17:42, by Jw744

Good afternoon. I really need some advice. A good friend of mine has recently lost her father after a very short Illness. He did leave a will which states a split between her and her 2 siblings for estate. Now my question is around inheritance tax. Is it based ... Continue Reading

CGT on a buy-to-let (original primary)
on 17/08/2018 15:10, by itsamrlee

Hi - can someone help me? I bought a flat (£300k) and lived it in for around 2 years before moving out - I then rented it out (with consent from my lender) for the remainder of the fixed 5 year period. I then remortgaged and got a buy-to-let mortgage. Valued ... Continue Reading

remortgaging BTL change of equity and SDLT
on 17/08/2018 14:53, by psingh

Hi I am in the process of remortgaging a BTL property which is owned by my wife. The property at the moment has a £115,000 mortgage on it and i am looking to remortgage this to £260,000.I am also looking to change the equity so that i am made 50% owner as well. ... Continue Reading

NI Paid on Shares
on 17/08/2018 11:25, by daint

Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help, I'm fairly inexperienced in this area so I may not use the correct terminology but hopefully I'll be able to explain clearly enough. I'm a UK citizen and resident who worked for a US business for about 3 years ... Continue Reading

potential capital gains tax by give half of 50% to wife
on 17/08/2018 10:05, by Mrshare

In 2017 I inherited a property with my sister valued at 170k . We each have a 50% stake in the property which we rent out. I am considering to give half of my share to my wife so that the rental income can be shared between us. By doing this does this make future ... Continue Reading

Gain on shares sale
on 17/08/2018 09:38, by Herbs16

Can someone help please My friend has a company, husband and wife 50/50 set up they are separating and the company is buying back the shares from the wife, she earns £100k, will she pay 28% cgt on the gain or can she claim entrepreneurs relief and pay 10%, she ... Continue Reading

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