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Historical share price for ICI
on 16/11/2018 21:47, by Remittub

I am trying to complete a CGT calculation for my tax return, but need the 31st March 1982 share price for ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) I have search the internet without much luck ! Can anyone help ? I'd be very grateful ! Continue Reading

Import from Cayman Islands
on 16/11/2018 15:02, by alanrichey

A friend has asked me to bring an engagement ring that was purchased in the Cayman Islands back to the UK with me. He thinks that because the Caymans is a Britsh dependency that the ring will not be liable to import duty and VAT, but he cannot find the source ... Continue Reading

Bed and Breakfasting / shares
on 16/11/2018 13:59, by Steffff

Please can someone explain what the capital gain would be in the following example and how to express it on HMRC SA108 etc: 18/2/16 BUY 150 shares in X @ £2 = £300 19/2/16 SELL 150 shares in X @1.50 = £225 7/3/16 BUY 100 shares in X @ £2.20 = £220 15/3/16 ... Continue Reading

Cash basis accounting landlords.
on 16/11/2018 08:24, by jim1980

Hi I'm a very new to it all landlord with two properties in the uk. Got a question about how to account for expenses like Insurance, Gas Certificates, Boiler servicing, Ground rents, etc., these are all annual costs, but they all fall with in two different ... Continue Reading

Have your cake and eat it?
on 15/11/2018 16:07, by taxwize

I'm an ex Collector of Taxes and then an ex HMIT Investigator but I left the Revenue a long time ago and a lot has changed !....we have a CT enquiry with omissions agreed. No dispute now about taxable profits.The company ceased trading 18 months ago with no assets.HMRC ... Continue Reading

Stamp Duty and Property Adjustment Order
on 15/11/2018 11:52, by nash0785

Hi All I have a question with regards to Property Adjustment Order in order to avoid the higher SDLT. I am divorced and my ex-wife lives with my children in the mortgaged property. I cannot remove my title from the property because my ex-wife cannot afford the ... Continue Reading

Legacy during estate administration period
on 15/11/2018 08:08, by Polly19

My late mother received a legacy from her deceased cousin while we were administering her estate. Cousin died before her but his estate was not wound up/legacies paid out until 5 months after she passed. We already had probate and had paid IHT due on her estate ... Continue Reading

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