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Buying and Selling Gold via Bullionvault
on 18/05/2022 14:57, by Simsim

I have bought some gold over the last few years through Bullionvault and I sold some of it last year. The calculated gain was way less than the capital gains 12300 allowance. I am thinking of buying and selling it more frequently, but not taking the money out ... Continue Reading

CGT on inherited house sale
on 17/05/2022 19:45, by david66

My wife is one of three beneficiaries in a will (none are direct descendants, only nephews and nieces). They are about to sell the residence of the deceased for about 350k. The house was valued on the IHT forms at 265k so there is an 85k chargeable gain. Is ... Continue Reading

CGT on a property half-owned by a Trust
on 17/05/2022 11:53, by canarydan23

Hi all. I've got quite a complicated CGT/inheritance/trust-based query that I'm struggling to get my head around. My Mum died in 2010 and her will stipulated that her 1/2 of her home would be held in trust and inherited by the beneficiaries (myself and my sisters) ... Continue Reading

IHT on Land/Property sell
on 16/05/2022 19:46, by Expat1

Hi, posting for a 60 year old friend who’s partner (not married) passed away suddenly last year and she has inherited a sizeable estate of land etc. she has to pay 40% tax on anything she sells property/land wise. But if she places it into a trust for the family ... Continue Reading

IHT 435
on 16/05/2022 17:28, by piper777

Hi There can someone clarify. on filling in IHT 435 question 14 it asks how much transferable nil rate band are you claiming. My father recently died, my mother died several years ago. Father sold the marital house in 2018. No RNRB was used Is the transferable ... Continue Reading

Trivial amounts of foreign dividend income
on 15/05/2022 09:12, by someone

For the 2021-22 tax year, for the first time, I have some foreign dividend income. I have to do a tax return and I'm an additional rate taxpayer. I haven't tried to calculate the GBP effect yet but the _total_ income is circa 50 USD - four payments of around ... Continue Reading

Where to begin
on 14/05/2022 07:03, by Crest44

Hi all Situation: Wife’s sister recently passed - she was unmarried no children 2 properties combined value of approx 900k 800k in premium bonds, shares, savings accounts, pensions - it’s a real mess we are uncovering My son was looking after one of the ... Continue Reading