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Medical checkup
on 20/05/2018 22:02, by anagerbera2015

My employer has offered free medical check-ups to all employees. This check-ups will be carried out by a private hospital. Do I need to declare its value in my tax return? Thank you very much. Continue Reading

Declaration of Trust
on 19/05/2018 08:16, by Treggy

My wife and I jointly own a rented property. We have a Declaration of Trust in which I 'give' her 95% of my share. Income tax returns then reflect this split. Should this be accompanied by a change from joint tenants to tenants in common? Continue Reading

No expatriation tax on company shares when leaving the UK?
on 18/05/2018 20:20, by appdev

Is it correct that the UK does not levy an expatriation tax on one's company shares when moving to another country, specifically, the United States? The reason I'm asking is that I'm currently based in Germany, seriously considering moving to the UK this summer, ... Continue Reading

CGT on sale of property after divorce
on 18/05/2018 11:31, by Harrietmim

Hi, I'm trying to work out the CGT position if our formal marital home was sold. It was bought jointly with my ex-husband (and is still jointly owned according to the Land Registry and mortgage company) but our divorce agreement transfers all beneficial interest ... Continue Reading

P2P lending income and EIS/SEIS
on 18/05/2018 11:14, by unispheryk

Hi, I have a few questions that I hope somebody here will be able to help me with. The taxation from the day job has always been done via PAYE, so all of this is somewhat confusing and I need clarification. The first question is related to P2P lending income. ... Continue Reading

Claiming mileage back from hmrc, buisness or personal?
on 18/05/2018 08:42, by Neversure

Hi folks. After a little guidance. I am employed in one of the fixed rate tax refund jobs, and claim back my allowance via my tax code. I also claim back a fixed amount of mileage from hmrc as buisness-which it is. The fixed rate covers, as I understand it, washing ... Continue Reading

tax on foreign stocks and share
on 17/05/2018 19:10, by 4ze

Hi there, really hoping someone could shed some light on the following for me :D I’m a UK citizen currently living and working overseas in Jordan. I don’t pay tax in the UK and I am exempt from paying tax in Jordan – the European company I work for has ... Continue Reading

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