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on 12/06/2024 02:23, by Advice4DTA

Hello, I am a Thailand Tax resident, I have a property in the UK which is rented out and I am non resident in the UK, looking at the tax implication if I was to sell the property in the future. I think I understand what is due in the UK using HMRCs calculator, ... Continue Reading

Deed of variation in inheritance
on 11/06/2024 08:22, by johnsamir

I want to use services from [code][/code] and need some recommendations: If two siblings inherit their parent's estate, valued at £800,000, and one sibling wants to transfer their share to the other ... Continue Reading

on 10/06/2024 10:12, by bikeabouter

[b]D[/b]espite being a resident in France now, I still hold a bank account & shares in UK corporations. I pay tax in France for these, so when filling in my self-assessment [b]SA100[/b] (for I rent out my old property in the UK), do I have to still fill the ... Continue Reading

Help! Changed from PAYE dec 2023 to SE
on 10/06/2024 01:45, by Shellypeb

Hello, Long story short brand new to being self employed and im fairly clueless currently - i was PAYE for over 10 years with a company until redundacy on 8th december 2023. Went self employed beginning of january and registered on gov gateway and have UTR etc A ... Continue Reading

When receive first pay packet in new job?
on 08/06/2024 01:24, by treez

Hi, The company where i am due to start work on the 11th June 2024, pays its staff on the first thursday of every month. If i provide my P45 on the first day, is that enough time for them to process it so i can receive a pay check on the Thursday 4th July? Or ... Continue Reading

Tax on backdated annuity payment
on 07/06/2024 11:59, by MrsBash

My adult Son received a backdated lump sum annuity taxed payment in the 2023-24 tax year. The payment related to payments due from March 2022, so covering 3 tax years. If he uses the P60 figure on his SA return (showing full backdated payments) hes taxed at higher ... Continue Reading

Self assessment - credit balance
on 06/06/2024 22:25, by Jupiter01

It’s one of those rare occurrences where I am owed money by HMRC upon the completion of my self assessment. I did insert my bank details into the self assessment for any credit that may be due. How long does it typically take before this money is in my bank ... Continue Reading

Completing Trust and Estate Capital Gains (SA905)
on 05/06/2024 18:28, by MrStardust50

I am the Executor for my late mother who died in June 2023, leaving a house. Probate value for the house was £550,000 and the final sale value was £580,000. IHT was paid on that probate value. The District Valuer Services at Valuation Office Agency agreed with ... Continue Reading