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Stamp duty main residence question..
on 20/02/2018 07:49, by danfitzjohn

We currently have more than 1 property which is rented out. We have never owned a home in UK and lived in it as have worked overseas for sometime. We would like to buy a home at approx £600k and i know we will have to pay higher rate stamp duty on it. What ... Continue Reading

IHT status as Uncle (US) has left me US$ ?
on 19/02/2018 20:22, by Tynecider

Hi, I'm wondering if someone has any information for the (fortunate) situation I find myself in please? My Uncle who was a US citizen has left me US $. It appears this comes from a number of accounts featuring 'Annuities' and 'Investments'. I have been contacted ... Continue Reading

SDLT on inherited property?
on 19/02/2018 17:56, by lilbopeep

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help advise myself and my siblings regarding SDLT on inherited property. I will try to keep it brief, but there are some complications! Apologies in advance for the essay! Our Dad died, leaving Sibling C as the sole benefactor and executor ... Continue Reading

Income Tax Additional Rate Threshold
on 19/02/2018 17:51, by jpf7

I have been in negotiation with my employer for a settlement agreement to leave. We are now in agreement on the financial piece and a leave date. Under the draft settlement agreement they will pay the complete financial amount on or before 22 March 2018. If this ... Continue Reading

Charges on entry to fund and exit deductible?
on 19/02/2018 17:37, by Matthew P

I recently sold holdings in a fund whose terms say: "we will add a 1.8% charge to the subscription price, and deduct the same percentage from the redemption price." There is also a 1% annual management fee, and a high water mark fee. Are these two sets of 1.8% ... Continue Reading

Closing a Partnership (non-limited)
on 19/02/2018 17:31, by Corazones

My wife and I have both just registered for self-assessment. We want to do two things - (a) remove our (useless) agent from the records, and (b) Close a partnership between us which has made a small loss for the past two years. With the partnership, one of us is ... Continue Reading

A Tearoom not Registered for VAT but £166K turnover ??
on 19/02/2018 15:13, by KH27H

I currently own a tearoom A3 use and account for VAT using the 12.5% VAT Accounting scheme. I am registered as an unlicensed café and restaurant according to the categories at Companies House. I am looking to purchase tearoom number 2 and have found one. However, ... Continue Reading

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