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"Income from renting property" - proving I'm not a landlord
on 16/05/2021 13:46, by InstigatorAlligator

Received the familiar "have you got income from renting property you haven't told us about" letter and responded that although I do own other properties they are not let and I do not make any income from them HMRC have now written asking for proof of this in the ... Continue Reading

Effect of council business grants on tax credit claim
on 15/05/2021 17:44, by Lsp54

Hello, My client is a low earner who rents a business property for acupuncture and other therapies. She is exempt from business rates. Normally her profit after expenses and rent is about £6000. She has received coronavirus business grants from the council, ... Continue Reading

CGT on sale of residence by disabled person
on 14/05/2021 15:15, by Brightonian

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me interpret S.225E TCGA1992. I have a disabled client who has just sold his previous main residence (Property A) which is in his sole ownership. He married a few years ago and he and his wife made a joint election in favour ... Continue Reading

Gifting to a child
on 14/05/2021 15:10, by Rob Lewis

Hi - trying to understand the tax implications to my son and I of gifting a largish sum (£10k) to my him. Both self employed. Continue Reading

Land Sale Question - CGT at 20% or 28%
on 13/05/2021 17:27, by ssmyth

Hi, I shall be obtaining planning permission for a new dwelling on the driveway/garage block of an existing residential investment property I own. When I sell this development plot land for someone else to build, I understand that CGT will be payable on the gain ... Continue Reading

Selling house which is rented out
on 13/05/2021 15:19, by Bobbyt

Hi Everyone, first use of his forum, hoping some kind people will provide some guidance/advice. My son is currently thinking of selling his other house that is rented out at the moment. He has his own home with his wife that he lives in. He has lived in the rented ... Continue Reading

Question asked on my self assessment
on 13/05/2021 09:31, by Tony71

Hi, This question is asked on my self assessment. "If your net income is over £50,000 select 'Yes', otherwise select 'No'. Step 1 - Work out your 'net income'. Add up your taxable income, include things such as: income from employment including any company benefits, ... Continue Reading

VAT-free shopping for EU resident
on 12/05/2021 20:15, by julian.rx8

Hi there, I really don't know where to ask such a question so I figured I'll register onto this forum, if that is the wrong place please move or delete the topic. My current situation is as follows: I'm from Germany (german resident) and would like to take ... Continue Reading

ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli discusses 3 topics centred around October, including: 1. HMRC Furlough Fraud & Fighting For Your Clients, 2. Think About Yourself, 3. Are You a HMRC Customer.