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How do I leave
on 19/02/2019 16:26, by bigbangman

Hi, Probably really easy question but I can't find the answer. We wish to leave the VAT scheme, we are on Standard Rate VAT at the moment as a Ltd company We are well below the threshold over the last 12 months and this will not change in the future. Just can't ... Continue Reading

CGT, unearned income?
on 19/02/2019 13:09, by

Hi All, I have a questions that is proving very hard to find an answer to. I have recently divorced and as part of the process had to liquidate 2 buy to let properties. The proceeds from the sale was given to my ex wife as way of settlement, but as the properties ... Continue Reading

Underpaid tax - unknown company
on 18/02/2019 11:08, by hydrogenet

Hi everyone, My Mrs. has received a letter from HMRC stating she owes £108.80 of unpaid tax 3 weeks ago. A letter dated 7th Feb has come and I quote: "I am writing regarding the employment details that we hold on your record. You contacted us on 26 Sep 2017 ... Continue Reading

Property Ownership
on 17/02/2019 22:38, by Mason1880

I’ll try and keep this simple, I own a property in my name. Wife owns a property in her name and we own one in joint names. Whilst owned as above, we deal with everything between the 2 of us. I’m higher rate tax payer and my wife is lower rate. Previously ... Continue Reading

UK-tax on house in the USA
on 17/02/2019 18:30, by NonDom41

I own a house in the USA. A foreigner like me who owns a property in the USA is subject to high US inheritance tax (only $60,000 allowance). In order to bring down these taxes for my son when I die, I have arranged the following: I gift him a part of the house ... Continue Reading

Mesher Order - Informing HMRC
on 17/02/2019 16:08, by caffe

Hello hoping this is a quick question. By court order the family home of a divorcing couple has been placed into trust until the youngest child (now 15) reaches the age of 18. The ex wife will remain in the property whilst her ex husband will move out. Does the ... Continue Reading

Working abroad - first month income query
on 17/02/2019 06:40, by DalFet

Grateful for any advice! I have been living abroad for the last 8 years and will be moving back to the UK in June. I have been offered a job from a UK-based company, with a trial month starting in March, which is sooner than I expected. The role is home-based (and ... Continue Reading

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