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CT tax and returns
on 16/07/2019 11:46, by humble_pie

My accounting period finished on 30th of November 2018. I was due an invoice of £4900 by an client which was paid 2 months after 30th of November 2018. Since this payment was cleared within 9 months window of submitting returns to company house and HMRC. I ... Continue Reading

Overage and SDLT
on 15/07/2019 22:34, by Frazer

Hi all, im hoping someone can help, we are looking to buy a house at £325,000, the house has an extra garden area attached to the original garden, this has an area of about 0.33 acres, building of new houses is happening in nearby fields but not yet the field ... Continue Reading

VAT on shared FHL portfolio
on 15/07/2019 22:11, by xenium

I'm considering a small portfolio of rental properties: 1. some are in joint ownership 2. some qualify as FHL 3. some do not qualify as FHL but receive some rent from short lets (31 days or less) Question: what portion of rental income is used to determine potential ... Continue Reading

CGT on Property now lived in but renovated after renting
on 15/07/2019 16:01, by Jess James

Hi, I have a property A which I rented out for around 3 years (Until Oct 2018), I have lived in property B Until Oct 2018 In Oct 2018, I started to live in and renovate property A, with a view to rent out property B. So the big gain in house value has happened ... Continue Reading

Income from overseas and double taxed
on 15/07/2019 08:54, by MixBix

As an ex Australian PR I'm since a couple of months a resident of the UK, intending to stay for years to come. I'm about to sign a contract with a company in Australia through an Australian recruitment agency (using PAYG). This will be my main source of income. ... Continue Reading

transaction fee cashback, query
on 13/07/2019 22:48, by Smithy01

Hi Everyone, Just a quick question for tax purposes... Someone paid me recently by using their credit/debit card and my card provider (izettle) took their usual commission. However a bit later on i noticed a 'transaction fee cashback' had been deposited in my ... Continue Reading

on 13/07/2019 20:15, by sabina

Hi all! After 3 horrible weeks, I left my new job and after a break of 2 months I am now looking for another one. I don't really want to mention this in my cv and I intend to provide just the details of my old job( the one I had for 2 years before the 3 weeks ... Continue Reading

Do I have to pay higher rate tax?
on 13/07/2019 12:37, by Jorido88

Hi everyone :D I got married quite recently. I owned flat A prior to getting married. My wife owned flat B prior to getting married. Flat A is worth 320k, outstanding mortgage is 100k Flat B is also worth 320k, outstanding mortgage is 75k We have a baby on ... Continue Reading

Tony Talks - 

ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli discusses issues around VAT and HMRC pursuing wrong cases in his latest in-practice blog