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Can Self Employed pay themselves an income?
on 21/01/2019 11:20, by swandive

This is probably a silly question for those tax savvy here. I have a business and a personal account and periodically transfer from the former to the latter to cover living expenses. My business does not currently turnover a lot (~15k) So in terms of the self ... Continue Reading

Employee Expenses, Non Reimbursed Relocation
on 21/01/2019 11:00, by BEEMA7

Employee took up new job out of area (80 miles round trip per day) as Employer could not get anyone else as qualified, due to location (rural area) Employee rented house for 6 months (temp 6 month lease) and put own (mortgaged) house up for sale. Employer not reimbursed ... Continue Reading

Making VAT Digital
on 21/01/2019 10:24, by p646

Hi I do my VAT returns myself. Now VAT is going to be Digital. Could you please best cheaper/ may be free software for Digital VAT records purposes. Thanks in Advance Continue Reading

Main residence election
on 21/01/2019 09:14, by someone

If a main residence election is back dated, can a subsequent election be backdated to before the date the previous election was made? e.g. Main residence election made 1st August 2018 to make property A main residence from 1st August 2017. (A and B both being ... Continue Reading

Self Assessment for Dividends taken in March 2017
on 20/01/2019 21:36, by leodir

Hello All, I am new to this forum - I have a doubt about paying income tax for dividends from March 2017. I had taken a loan from my limited company in March 2017, with the intention of paying it back in less than 9 months. Unfortunately I could not pay it ... Continue Reading

Gift subject to immediate IHT?
on 20/01/2019 17:00, by pjbp

Since 2000 i have been living in UK and i emigrated on July 2015. So in total 16 years. I am dutch national. I left before the new non dom rules came in place (15 years out of 20) so am i correct that i am still a non dom and not deemed domiciled? I will gift ... Continue Reading

CGT on withdrawals from A&M trust
on 20/01/2019 16:45, by impphil

My children (2 of) are beneficiaries of an A&M trust set up by their grandfather in 2004 for his 3 grandchildren. My children would now like to their shares of the trust transferred to them, or sold and transferred to them. We received some questionable advice ... Continue Reading

Reduce my Tax rate from 40% to 20% ??
on 20/01/2019 14:45, by wazzer1969

Hi I currently earn £60,000 a year and pay 40 % Tax on part of my earnings, I was told that come 6th April 2019 the new TAX Fresshold for paying 40% will be only if you earn over £45,000 a year, anything less will be 20% Tax. I currently contribute to my works ... Continue Reading

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