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SA tax after joining an LLP
on 21/01/2018 11:38, by Dhlittle

I joined an exisiting LLP on 1/12/16. The LLP accounting period ended the day before that 30/11/16. As a result I'm not mentioned in the LLP parternship return for 16/17. Trying to do my SA return Very confused about what my basis period is, what overlap relief ... Continue Reading

Write Allowance - office furniture
on 21/01/2018 11:23, by Howson

Self employed sole trader - Purchased office furniture for £900, should I put this in as capital allowances / write down allowance at 18% each year ? If so, then next year for the carried forward amount, is the write down allowance 18% of the original (£900), ... Continue Reading

SA - Fully repaid student loan
on 21/01/2018 09:48, by eb321

Hi all, Hoping for some confirmation on what I need to do on my tax return please. I am employed and self-employed. In 2016/17 I made a one off payment to clear my student loan. The SLC sent a stop notification and my employer stopped taking repayments. I received ... Continue Reading

Deducting mortgage arrangement fee
on 21/01/2018 07:27, by Hedgie

I recently remortgaged a BTL. The mortgage arrangement fee was added to the loan My accountant told me that I have to spread the amount of that fee across the loan period so that I can only deduct in each year the appropriate fraction. Whereas if I had paid the ... Continue Reading

Class 2 NI Help for a Landlord
on 21/01/2018 07:15, by solange

Hi Everyone Hoping someone could help. So I started my property business in 2006, after leaving work. I have built up a portfolio of 11 properties, last one added in 2013. I managed the properties myself and continued to seek adding to my protfolio throughout ... Continue Reading


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