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Income Tax Payable for Cash Transfer from Another Country?
on 25/05/2024 19:07, by RedWineLover

Hello, I am a UK tax resident and domiciled, and my family members, who are not UK residents, would like to gift me a large sum of money to help me buy a house in the UK. Would this gift be subject to income tax? Thank you for your time. Please let me know if ... Continue Reading

SA108 help needed for Non Resident Capital Gains
on 25/05/2024 14:37, by snowball05

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me understand SA108. We (my wife and I - joint tenants) sold our UK house (PPR) this tax year after moving to Australia 4 years ago. We completed the non-resident capital gains tax online form and paid the tax due. Now completing ... Continue Reading

Tax implications from a property inheritance
on 25/05/2024 09:04, by Headteacher

Four siblings inherit their mother's property. One has been living there for some years (call them A). The property is worth £600,000. Siblings B, C and D decide to create Deed of Variation and hand over their part of the inheritance to A. Will A be liable for ... Continue Reading

Please explain VAT return dates
on 24/05/2024 22:01, by ITUK

I have set my VAT return dates to monthly and it shows August as the next return due date for the dates 20th May until 30th June. I was under the impression I would need to do them monthly. Is the return for the whole of July going to be needed for August too? Continue Reading

on 24/05/2024 04:16, by kanrent

After I make a payment to HMRC how long does it take to show up on HMRC app Continue Reading

Where does CGT Liability lie??
on 23/05/2024 11:26, by Wilfred

Hi Everyone, just signed up. I have a building plot attached to my existing house which is my primary residence. I believe that I could sell or develop this plot without incurring CGT because it is part of my PPR. However If I sold the existing house first to ... Continue Reading

Gifting house and inheritance tax
on 22/05/2024 09:02, by mp2016

Hello Can anyone advise please. My friend if 55 and she has always lived with her parents, the latter years she has been caring for her parents, whilst still working. They would like to leave her the house (circa 500k), and avoid inheritance tax if possible. Does ... Continue Reading