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£100k tax threshold and pension contributions
on 30/03/2020 21:40, by greg-b

Hi I've been fortunate enough with available overtime this tax year to be in a position where my income for 19/20 has exceeded £100k. Only by a short amount though. For arguments sake, say £2k. So my personal income, from my only job, for 19/20 is £102k. From ... Continue Reading

Car Salary Sacrifice - Informing HMRC
on 29/03/2020 17:37, by ianonline

I am hoping someone can answer what I need to input in the boxes below informing the tax office via online I now have a salary sacrifice car "just add fuel scheme" through my work which myself/wife can drive, this is not a given company car for the job its a scheme ... Continue Reading

IHT 35
on 29/03/2020 17:02, by Incredulum

Another question, please, if you would be so kind. An estate has IHT payable. IHT35 claim for relief on loss on sale of shares brings the IHT down to nil (the last month has been somewhat 'helpful'). Do the executors have to pay the tax in order to reclaim it? ... Continue Reading

Cash gifts
on 29/03/2020 13:23, by Nicklam

If my father was to say gift his house to me. Could i gift him 100k to buy the house he wants somewhere else? Any issues with doing this? Would hmrc see it as a sale of the house even if i gift cash to him? Continue Reading

How to submit IHT400
on 29/03/2020 08:16, by Incredulum

HMRC is not very helpful here in the IHT 400 notes. "WHERE TO SEND THE FORMS When ... Continue Reading

Buy to let repayment mortgage tax
on 28/03/2020 13:15, by Dmr295

Hi, I have purchased a house on a capital repayment mortgage as this is somewhere I plan to live in a years time. The mortgage is £830/month and I can't remember the exact split but let's say £500 is interest and £330 is capital. I have tenants moving in this ... Continue Reading

Exceptional circumstance and work days
on 28/03/2020 12:30, by kwt100

For the 3rd automatic overseas test, if you are present in the UK due to an exceptional circumstance (i.e. COVID-19), and you are required to work by your employee [in the UK], do such days count as work days? Thanks Continue Reading

Self Assessment
on 28/03/2020 09:29, by Katy1890

Good morning everyone, I´m a self-employed for the last two years and last year I hired an accountant to do my tax return but this year I would like to do as Self-assessment. And I have all the codes but everytime I try to access throught the HMRC asked the User ... Continue Reading