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Property transfer
on 20/04/2018 19:47, by Alan p

Hi, We loaned our daughter £115k to purchase a property 5 years ago, no mortgage on property. She has now moved to another part of the country and wants to transfer it back to us and buy one herself with mortgage. Property is now valued at £120k, how do we do ... Continue Reading

Input VAT and property formerly used for trade
on 20/04/2018 15:11, by Nonimous

New client owns a building from which they used to trade. They now let it but have not yet opted to tax They have also made substantial repairs and, because they did not realise they needed to opt to tax the building once they were letting it if they wanted the ... Continue Reading

Change BTL to fhl to reduce cgt
on 20/04/2018 07:20, by Miaken

I am a Newby here and terminology may not be correct so please go easy on me! I have had a large BTL portfolio split 50/50 with my wife for circa 15 years. We are highly leveraged and the new tax rules (s24) are going to make life very difficult for us so time ... Continue Reading

A few CGT questions
on 19/04/2018 23:14, by foxmccloud

1, If a gain is taxed using a percentage, is a loss also taxed that way? So if a person makes a gain of £10,000 then the personal allowance is removed and they must pay 20% GCT tax (depending on their rate) of what remains. But if they make a loss, can they use ... Continue Reading

Tax on shares when director leaving
on 19/04/2018 20:23, by KawasakiZ650F1.

I wonder if anyone might be able to help? I have been a director of a business for 19 years but it's time for me to leave now and it's amicable I have agreed a price for my shares to be bought (about £50k) but haven't agreed a notice period. I am going into ... Continue Reading

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