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Conflicting advice on US/UK Capital Gains
on 19/09/2017 17:41, by boeing100

Hi To give a brief overview of my situation, I am a US Citizen who has been a full time resident of the UK for nearly 10 years. I was part-owner of a property in Florida which was sold this year at a profit. I have spoken to a few tax advsisors/CPAs who are giving ... Continue Reading

Implied Trust
on 19/09/2017 17:32, by janny53

My wife and I bought a house for our son to live in when he moved to Bristol in 2005. He was struggling financially and we found a modest 3 bed terraced house costing £100k. We did not put the house in his name as we were unconvinced as to how the relationship ... Continue Reading

Notification to HMRC of error made in accounts
on 19/09/2017 12:22, by DonaldF

I am treasurer of a small church, which is a trust and a registered charity. Its income (mainly donations) is under £15,000. There is no trading income and all income and expenditure is for a charitable purpose. This year, for the first time, the church was ... Continue Reading

Buy to let rental assignment
on 18/09/2017 23:29, by Edinburgh

Hi I am looking to buy a property (buy to let) in my name wherein I will have the mortgage in my name and property registered in my name. I work as an employee and in 40% tax bracket. My wife is a house wife and does not have any income at the moment. Also note ... Continue Reading

Property at an undervalue
on 18/09/2017 22:21, by Yiannis17

What is the situation please when a property is brought into a company at an under value of 40%. I cannot see the reason this has been done other than to avoid SDLT. Is it likely that the solicitors will question this? What would HMRC take be on this? Will they ... Continue Reading

SDLT From and estate to LTD Company
on 18/09/2017 15:32, by colsey25

Hello, This is my first post so apologise if its complex, I'm trying to find out id SDLT is payable on this transaction, me and 2 sisters have inherited 4 buy to let properties, the only way we could keep them and carry on renting them out and have equal ownership ... Continue Reading

VAT and self assessment.
on 18/09/2017 13:48, by UKtrader

Dear Sir Madam Last year HMRC VAT department contacted me to inform me that I should be VAT registered business as I went over the threshold four years ago, I was not aware about it I was clueless I thought VAT is for big businesses I am just a sole trader I never ... Continue Reading


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