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CGT on sale of holiday home
on 30/07/2021 13:21, by pandora_boite

I bought a old farmhouse as a holiday home 25 years ago. I spent money on renovating it and on adding an extension, all with the required planning permissions. I am now planning on selling it, but don't know how to calculate capital gains. At the time I did the ... Continue Reading

on 28/07/2021 07:52, by bangkokbanger

hI Im an expat who has lived in Asia for over 20 years and may at some point return to the UK . I own no property in the uk and my family live with me overseas. I have a question about when exactly you become UK tax resident, and when you need to sell your ... Continue Reading

Declaring UK dividends in Canadian personal income tax
on 28/07/2021 01:20, by jck

I am Canadian citizen and I am currently living and working in the UK as a permanent resident. I am working as a contractor outside IR35 so I have salary and dividend income. I have to declare my UK income in Canada. Declaring the salary is straight forward but ... Continue Reading

on 27/07/2021 17:35, by MIC51

In June 2020, after 10 years of keeping it invested, I sold a stock and share investment and it was a policy from Insurer Scottish Widow Limited. I then received a “Chargeable Event Certificate, as required under S552 ICTA1988” and I would like to know if ... Continue Reading

VAT recovery on residential conversions
on 27/07/2021 17:17, by manu2021

A question that has been asked by a client. Pub company that has both Exempt (residential) and VATable supplies (10/90 brewers method) and so therefore a partial exemption (standard) calculation is required. If the business converts it’s non-residential building ... Continue Reading

Charging vat on software sales to Germany
on 26/07/2021 16:31, by Yiannis17

Hi, I have a client, UK based, he is UK vat registered and also vat registered in Ireland for vat Moss. A business customer with a German Vat number, based in Germany, wants to purchase from him. Does the UK client need to charge the Germany company, vat? Thank ... Continue Reading

ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli discusses 3 topics centred around October, including: 1. HMRC Furlough Fraud & Fighting For Your Clients, 2. Think About Yourself, 3. Are You a HMRC Customer.