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New LITRG guide to HMRC’s online services
10/01/2017, by Low Incomes Tax Reform Group, Tax Articles - HMRC Administration, Practice & Methods
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Do you want to know more about HMRC’s online – or ‘digital’ – services but need help to understand how to use them? LITRG’s new guide may be just what you need.


You may also have heard of the Government Gateway or GOV.UK Verify, but not really understood what they are. With government moving more and more essential services and information online, it is vital that people who want to use these services know how to access them and how to get help to use them if they need it.

In its recent report ‘Digital services for taxpayers – effectiveness and engagement’, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) asked the government to do more to make it easier for people to understand what is available. It is not always easy, for example, to understand the difference between HMRC online services and the personal tax account, or the difference between the Government Gateway and GOV.UK Verify. Unfortunately, there does not currently appear to be anywhere on GOV.UK that clearly pulls all this information into one place.

While LITRG urges Government to consider and adopt its recommendation to make things clearer, it has in the meantime developed this new guide, which it hopes will fill a much-needed gap.

Useful links

The ‘Digital services – dealing with your tax and tax credits online’ guide (available from the LITRG website)
LITRG’s report ‘Digital services for taxpayers – effectiveness and engagement’

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The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) is an initiative of the Chartered Institute of Taxation to give a voice to those who cannot afford to pay for tax advice. LITRG comprises tax specialists from professional practice and the voluntary sector, from publishing and from HM Revenue & Customs, together with people from a welfare benefits and social policy background. Visit www.litrg.org.uk for further information.
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