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CGT on Mothers property
on 27/05/2018 10:16, by AT

My mother has a property in her sole name which does not have any mortgage. She has not resided in for a number of years. The property has been let by me for several years and I have received rental inform from it and have accounted for the tax thereon. My question ... Continue Reading

Uninstall bathroom in nursing home
on 27/05/2018 09:28, by Lsp54

hello, my client is reconfiguring one of the rooms in the admin area. It was previously set up as a shower room with hot & cold water etc. They've changed it to a regular admin room, but the plumbing costs of decommissioning the washroom amount to more than ... Continue Reading

CGT lump sums etc
on 26/05/2018 14:56, by Caramel shortcake

Left marital home 7 years ago, been in rented since, otherside refusing to market property. 5 years to get final order which orders house to market, then when sold, two lump sum payments come to me to recompense me in lieu of assets spent by otherside during court ... Continue Reading

Remittance Basis
on 26/05/2018 11:22, by nwhung

Hi everyone I am from Hong Kong. My employer in Hong Kong will send me to UK as a sole representative, to set up a branch for 5 years. I will stay in UK to work for more than 200 days per year. And the salary will be paid as below: Hong Kong mother company ... Continue Reading

Life insurance
on 26/05/2018 08:02, by samrosh

My mother in India opened a life insurance policy on my name there before I came to UK. The premiums have been paid by her. When the insurance policy matures will there be any tax implications for me here. I am UK resident and naturalised citizen. Continue Reading

Confusing payslip with some added bonus...
on 25/05/2018 16:01, by jurassicjim

Hi, I've got a confusing situation and looking for a second opinion, as my employer has tried to explain, but something doesn't feel quite right. My basic pay is £3,250, which works out as £2,270.80 after deductions. Deductions are... Tax Deducted 452.20 Employee ... Continue Reading

Tax on insurance payout
on 25/05/2018 15:28, by Amberlight007

Since 2004 I have slowly been building up a body of artwork not for sale but so that I can exhibit and get my work known. The majority were on the walls of a public building for a number of years but all got destroyed during a flood. I put in an insurance claim ... Continue Reading

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