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Property Income
on 21/11/2017 14:32, by Sarahpppppppp

Hi I wonder if anyone can help please? My two sons own rental properties of which brings in monthly incomes. They both have decided that they wish for myself and my wife to have the income as they are both in a good position at the moment and wish to give something ... Continue Reading

IHT and CGT on unlisted shares
on 21/11/2017 10:42, by Matthew

A & B are a married couple. Both own unlisted shares in a relative’s major transport and warehousing business, the shares having been gifted them many years ago. Neither A nor B have anything to do with the business. (1) A dies leaving his/her shares to ... Continue Reading

Capital gains and inheritance tax
on 21/11/2017 08:21, by Quovadis

The house we live in as a married couple is in my wifes name only . We have no children,but my wife has a sister . I am 65 years old, and need to look at the future for not only myself, but for my wife and sister in law .... Would it be prudent to give shares ( ... Continue Reading

Company fuel card
on 20/11/2017 14:02, by Leepipe1983

Hi all I have a company car and a fuel card which could covers personal mileage also. I have received a p800 about underpayment, however based on my assumption that you should only pay tax on personal miles not business miles I am a bit stumped. In 2.5 years ... Continue Reading

IHT on AIM Shares
on 20/11/2017 12:26, by chriself

My wife & I have share portfolios both as individuals and as joint share holders all of which contain AIM shares held for a period in excess of 2 years Both of our wills make our spouses first and only beneficiaries on first death Presumably on first death ... Continue Reading

What tax year for rental income
on 20/11/2017 10:39, by royboy1

Hi I’m getting a bit confused over tax years for rental payments. Sorry if this is an obvious thing, but I just don’t want to make to many mistakes. In 2016 I took over an existing tenant in a flat, I bought in august 2016. Come March 2017, time for tenancy ... Continue Reading

CGT on Land Sale with primary residence over 5000 sqm
on 19/11/2017 21:52, by Nig2000

Hi, I have 3.5 acres of land with my primary residence, and have entered into an option agreement with a developer for the house and land with planning for 30 houses. Although this is our primary residence, it is over 5,000 square metres and therefore subject to ... Continue Reading

Corporation Tax
on 19/11/2017 13:36, by Lymefossil

Good afternoon, I would be grateful for any advice on the following. I live on a private estate with circa 100 properties. The estate is in excess of 300 acres and takes some managing. Therefore a number of years ago the residents got together and formed a limited ... Continue Reading


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