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VAT on New Build material and Labour
on 16/12/2019 08:58, by 170872

Good morning all, I been looking at VAT notice 708 and was not clear and hope someone can shade some light. Can a land be purchased under a Limited company and when planning to develop the land as it has planning permission for an office building, can we claim ... Continue Reading

Returning Gifted House to Parents
on 16/12/2019 05:33, by Kayke

I'd really appreciate some advice please. Five years ago, we sold our home and purchased 2 much less expensive properties, both of which required renovating. Our intention was to live in the better of the two whilst renovating the second, then potentially move ... Continue Reading

Money transfer
on 15/12/2019 07:37, by Marwa86

Hi Me and my husband will move to UK soon as he got a job in NHS,we sold our main home in our home country and we want to transfer it's money to UK to keep it in a bank account to be able to use it in the future to buy a house there,will that money be taxed ?if ... Continue Reading

Tenants in common - Rental income - Non spouse
on 14/12/2019 20:19, by Dev_1

Hello, I was wondering if someone would be able to answer the below as i am finding conflicting information online. Essentially my mother and I own a property together as “tenants in common". This was our family home once, the transfer of equity was completed ... Continue Reading

Redundancy employer contribution
on 14/12/2019 10:44, by youngplug

Hi I have just been informed I am being made redundant and it will take effect from 31st March. For income tax reasons on the redundancy payment I would obviously like the end date to be after the end if the current tax year , 6th April. My employer is rejecting ... Continue Reading

Inherited IRA distribution and HMRC reporting
on 13/12/2019 18:10, by JR717

I have inherited an IRA from a parent. It is now an inherited IRA in my name. I will be taking yearly RMD's. When taking last year's RMD 30% was withheld for US tax. I reported the RMD on last year's US tax return. I am dual US UK citizen living in UK. I have ... Continue Reading

How much tax should I have set aside?
on 13/12/2019 15:44, by W01313ly

I was hoping someone might be able to double check my figures. I start being self employed on August 2018. Before that (apr2018 - Aug 2018 was PAYE) Since then, April 2018-2019 I made £58,000. £2600 expenses April2019 - Dec 2019 £86116. £2800 expenses I have ... Continue Reading

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Tony Margaritelli discusses the imminent arrival of January and highlights that Christmas is a time for Giving in his latest in practice blog.