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Uk-situs listed company / Non-dom
on 08/04/2020 22:49, by roger88

hello, I m sure it’s a very basic question but I m unable to find clear answers online , so thank in advance for your help ! a share of a UK listed company have been bought by a Non-Dom person with an offshore bank account and an offshore broker, ( the UK ... Continue Reading

Can CGT selling shares be offset by Buy to Let loss?
on 08/04/2020 17:32, by TechTaylor

I sold a house in 2018-19 which was originally my ex-partner's home, and had been let out for a few years. While it was let out I'd put £34k of money from my house in, to reduce mortgage payments, and put the house in joint names (transfer of equity). We sold ... Continue Reading

Taxation after selling flat abroad
on 07/04/2020 20:05, by iamszabo

Hi, We moved to the UK in August 2018 and recently decided to stay here permanently. So we sold our flat back at home around £120 000. The flat was purchased in 2012 and we've been living there since we bought it and only relatives lived there since we moved ... Continue Reading

Can executors take up rights issues?
on 07/04/2020 19:05, by dominoman

One of the companies my father owned needs to raise capital fast as part of the Covid-19 cashflow problems. I know the company well and believe strongly it is a sound company, so I (and the other executors) believe we should use some of the cash in his estate ... Continue Reading

Exceptional circumstance and Significant break
on 07/04/2020 16:49, by kwt100

If you are aiming to satisfy the 3rd automatic overseas test for this new tax year, but are unable to return to the overseas location due to an exceptional circumstance (e.g. COVID-19), will you fail the test on Day 31 (due to remaining in the UK)? I say this ... Continue Reading

Hmrc and previius owned properties
on 07/04/2020 13:30, by Bill31

Can hmrc find out about a previous owned property that i had 16 years ago. I cant remember the address of the property and need to find out the address. Land registry said they cant search against my name unless i give them the address. Continue Reading

Simplified Expenses for Two Vehicles in a Partnership
on 06/04/2020 21:30, by DaniWilliams23

Hi there, I have come across the Simplified Expense Flat Rate for Vehicles. I understand that I can claim 45p per first 10,000 mile and 25p per mile thereafter. My husband and his brother are partners in a business, they both have a van each. Do I use this ... Continue Reading

Seems like a poat
on 05/04/2020 23:01, by Bill31

Hi i trawled the boards and cant find anything specific to my situation though found alot of threads about gifting in general . Im not sure if anyone has a opinion on my query. My dad gifted me a share of his property 10 yrs ago. My dad is going to live with his ... Continue Reading