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Employer not paying my tax or national insurance
on 20/02/2019 20:09, by Abuck257

Hi everyone, hope someone can give some advise or point me in the right direction. Currently my partner is working with a standalone buisness on the highstreet. Has been for the past 6 years. My partner got the position through a local authority "get in to work" ... Continue Reading

Drama Schools - how to calculate turnover
on 20/02/2019 19:02, by Stutrumpet

Hi all, I have a friend (sole proprietor) who runs a drama school and is dangerously close to the current VAT threshold. I have searched the 'Net' and it appears that any income generated by my friend's private teaching may be exempt as it can be clearly shown ... Continue Reading

on 20/02/2019 18:45, by scotland50

I have an employee of my UK organisation who wants to be resident in Norway but still conduct his UK responsibilities using the internet. Can he do this and simply switch his tax payments to the norwegian system ? colin Continue Reading

Tax planning for sale of two properties
on 20/02/2019 16:37, by woodrow

‘House A’ was purchased in August 2009, solely in my name, as a primary residence for me and my partner (who became my spouse in 2011). ‘House A’ remained our primary residence until September 2013 when we moved abroad. From September 2013 to present, ‘House ... Continue Reading

registering for Sales tax in US (Multiple States)
on 20/02/2019 14:20, by Coylie

We are selling into customers in the US across a number of states All of our sales are to US resident corporate customers who are reselling the goods - they provide us with an exemption certificate - and we do not have to charge SUT on our invoice. Do we still ... Continue Reading

Tax on savings
on 20/02/2019 11:37, by jubr75

Firstly, apologise if this is the wrong forum! I am after some advice on payable tax. My partner, who currently is overseas, will be sending a large amount of money over to me for purchasing of our home, etc. Would I need to declare this money transfer to someone ... Continue Reading

How do I leave
on 19/02/2019 16:26, by bigbangman

Hi, Probably really easy question but I can't find the answer. We wish to leave the VAT scheme, we are on Standard Rate VAT at the moment as a Ltd company We are well below the threshold over the last 12 months and this will not change in the future. Just can't ... Continue Reading

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