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Trust Registration Service
on 17/10/2021 18:30, by Dave12335

Hi tax friends I understand there is a requirement to register some types of trust with the Trust Registration Service. I'm not sure whether we should register one. Can anyone help? Much appreciated if so. Here is a link to my previous post here which explains ... Continue Reading

CGT as an Expat
on 17/10/2021 10:42, by Siolag

Hi, I left the UK in Aug 2019 to work full time in China. I was in the UK for almost exactly 6 months in the 2019-20 tax year. However, I have not been in the UK since March 2020. I pay Chinese income tax on my income, my employer then splits the after tax income ... Continue Reading

UK CGT for NON UK tax resident?
on 17/10/2021 08:54, by gordonH

Hello Brief background. I am a UK citizen from birth. Retired with UK old age pension as sole income. So have not filed any tax returns as income lower than UK threshold. I [u]own a small lease flat in the UK[/u], which is not and [u]never has been let[/u], ... Continue Reading

Euro share portfolio
on 16/10/2021 19:30, by TennisGod

A UK taxpayer runs a Euro share portfolio through a EU bank For UK CGT on the shares, he converts sale / purchase prices back to sterling at sale/purchase dates respectively He appreciates that 1. Pooling takes place when dealing in any particular share 2. The ... Continue Reading

Life time interest trust issue
on 15/10/2021 16:47, by kumar9

My non resident, non domiciled brother ( settlor) set up a Life Time interest trust in a London for our younger brother to live in all his life. Sadly, my brother passed away over two years ago. Currently my brother ( the settlor) and myself ( UK resident+ UK domiciled) ... Continue Reading

CGT on second HOME
on 14/10/2021 23:43, by JHL900

I currently own a studio flat in London, where I work. I work shifts - 4 days on, 4 days off. I'd love to buy a house (2nd home) outside of London in preparation for settingly down, the sooner the better as I believe living in a studio long-term can be unhealthy. But ... Continue Reading

gifts from grandparents and trusts
on 13/10/2021 23:37, by taxnovice1

Dear All, I have a query regarding receiving money from my in-laws who live abroad. My elderly father in law who is resident in Hong Kong wishes to gift a large sum of money and investments to my wife and I (a 6 figure sum). He is domiciled / tax resident of ... Continue Reading

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