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NI Paid on Shares
on 17/08/2018 11:25, by daint

Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone is able to help, I'm fairly inexperienced in this area so I may not use the correct terminology but hopefully I'll be able to explain clearly enough. I'm a UK citizen and resident who worked for a US business for about 3 years ... Continue Reading

potential capital gains tax by give half of 50% to wife
on 17/08/2018 10:05, by Mrshare

In 2017 I inherited a property with my sister valued at 170k . We each have a 50% stake in the property which we rent out. I am considering to give half of my share to my wife so that the rental income can be shared between us. By doing this does this make future ... Continue Reading

Gain on shares sale
on 17/08/2018 09:38, by Herbs16

Can someone help please My friend has a company, husband and wife 50/50 set up they are separating and the company is buying back the shares from the wife, she earns £100k, will she pay 28% cgt on the gain or can she claim entrepreneurs relief and pay 10%, she ... Continue Reading

CGT calc help please
on 17/08/2018 09:35, by Herbs16

Morning Forum Can someone help on my numbers please to calculate the gain Property jointly owned, husband and wife, rented throughout. Purchased October 2007 for £90000 Purchase and selling fees £2908 Sold October 2017 for £125000 Thanks Continue Reading

NZ Resident & UK PET’s
on 16/08/2018 19:23, by jacbjacb

I am a British Citizen who emigrated from the UK in 2006. I initially became resident (+tax resident) in Vietnam before gaining residency (+tax residency] in New Zealand in early 2011. Sadly my Mother passed away late in 2017 and there are UK failed Pet’s to ... Continue Reading

SDLT - First time buyer help
on 16/08/2018 15:34, by Smeg

Dear all, This is another post about first time buyer eligibility. I own a residential property of the value of 20.000 euros in Italy plus a small agricultural plot. The property has been abandon for 15 years or so. On the Italian land registry there is my name ... Continue Reading

Tax deduction
on 16/08/2018 13:46, by Surender

Hi I came first time to London on Feb 4th 2016 on ICT short term one year visa and left UK on July 29th 2016. I had a cooling period of 15 months and came back to UK on 28th Sep 2017 in ICT long term Visa. is that i have to pay tax or not? does i fall under ... Continue Reading

PETS and Flexible Life Interest Trust
on 16/08/2018 11:23, by Yiannis17

Morning If a couple transfer 50% of their main residence into a life interest trust and the balance to their children. Should one of the parents pass away within 7 years of the gift, would 50% of the transfer form part of his/her estate or is it the 25%? Ofcourse ... Continue Reading

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