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CGT on splitting 1 acre plot into 2 detached properties
on 18/03/2018 09:01, by RussK

We have a 1 acre plot of land, which is expected to achieve full planning permission for a split allowing two detached separate properties, each on 0.5 acre of land. We will not build either property. We are considering selling the planning permissions for ... Continue Reading

Foreign Income
on 18/03/2018 08:25, by nigenlack

My wife and I own 2 properties in Australia and have been filing tax returns to the ATO for 12 years. During this period we have had to pay no tax and accumulated a tax credit of over A$100k each. Unfortunately we were not aware that during this period we were ... Continue Reading

Owner of 2 student property and buying a main house
on 17/03/2018 19:03, by Nathan1981

Hi I'm on here for a bit of information. I own two student properties and live in a house so 3 properties in total I'm selling all of the houses to buy a brand new new build my question is if I sell my main house before the new build is ready and moving to rented ... Continue Reading

Pension annual allowance and carry forward rules
on 17/03/2018 14:21, by miro2021

I am trying to understand the rules on pension contributions and answers to the following 2 points in particular. 1. My employer contributions to my personal stakeholder pension in tax year 2016-17 were £48,000 which exceeds the £40K annual allowance. Do I need ... Continue Reading

Ltd Company tax obligations outside UK
on 16/03/2018 13:37, by BillK01

[b][u]Tax liability as Company[/u][/b] I am the director/employee of aa UK ltd company together with my spouse as equal partners. I have secured a contract with a Russian entity, that requires that i am providing services based in Germany. I invoice the Russian ... Continue Reading

Tax timing on Property Development business
on 16/03/2018 12:29, by MickyV

Please forgive the simplified example: I have a long-standing limited company business which is classed as a Property Investment company. Its traditional business is as a residential landlord. Recently it has branched out into Property Development within a Joint ... Continue Reading

Company car for wife
on 15/03/2018 17:55, by Jimbo69

As a director of a small ltd co, could the company provide my wife, who works for the same company but only on a small salary, with an expensive car? We are happy to pay the BIK tax on her but don't want it assessing on me. Does s169 ITEPA 2003 give us the answer ... Continue Reading

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