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A CG, IHT and gift tax confusion
on 26/02/2021 08:32, by overweightemon

If a parent sells their house because they move in with a new partner and gifts the money to children, the children spend some time thinking on what to do with it but it sits in a bank for 6 months unused. The parent's circumstances change (relationship fail) and ... Continue Reading

Requesting unilateral tax relief from HMRC
on 24/02/2021 19:49, by riccardob

Hello, I would like to know if it would be possible for my father to request hmrc for untilateral relief for tax paid on a foreign pension. This is between the UK and Italy. Under the rules of the tax treaty the UK has the right to tax the pension. The italian ... Continue Reading

Deemed domicile rule
on 24/02/2021 18:05, by tiengodue

Hello, I have a question about the rule regarding being deemed domiciled if resident in the UK for 15 of the last 20 years. a) does the residency mean tax resident or just resident? b) does it apply just to inheritance tax or also income and capital gains tax? Many ... Continue Reading

Earning Extra Income
on 24/02/2021 15:21, by Onale101

I am thinking of trying to boost my income by selling online. I am unsure about how and what tax I would be expected to pay if I did this. I am also currently employed and earning a salary of approx 21,000 gross so around 18,000 net which gets taxed accordingly. ... Continue Reading

Rental property tax - joint tenancy
on 24/02/2021 14:30, by sarah55

My mother bought a rental property 15 years ago, and put me and my late husband as joint tenants with her. She put all the money into it (mortgage payments and later mortgage fully paid off from her capital) and has received all the rental income in full. She had ... Continue Reading

CIS exemption
on 24/02/2021 08:36, by macdvt1

I employ a two surveyors and our main work is land surveying and movement monitoring (over 95% of our work), we are occasionally asked to set out a house or road for a client (less than 5% of our work), are we still exempt from CIS deductions for the setting out ... Continue Reading

ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli discusses 3 topics centred around October, including: 1. HMRC Furlough Fraud & Fighting For Your Clients, 2. Think About Yourself, 3. Are You a HMRC Customer.