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CGT & Income Tax - Does this represent a profit?
on 03/08/2020 20:36, by MB3896897

A few months ago I started investing in shares and have had a bit of success/luck. But I only recently found out I could have reduced my tax bill by putting them in a Shares ISA, so I'm trying to work out if it's still worth doing so. If I end up making enough ... Continue Reading

Do I pay Stamp Duty
on 03/08/2020 16:51, by lloyds99

Hello, I have what I think is a simple question and have been given conflicting answers so I thought I would go to the top (here) for the answer. Here goes... Im disabled aged 88 And just a couple of days ago I found my perfect bungalow on my first day of looking ... Continue Reading

Chargeable Event arising from death
on 03/08/2020 16:32, by keihal

As Executor and personal representative of my late father, I am trying to complete a tax return issued in relation to Chargeable Events. Despite making a considerable effort to understand the process relating to Chargeable Event Certificates I am confused and would ... Continue Reading

Stamp duty holiday
on 03/08/2020 11:31, by popular

My wife and I own our main home as tenants in common. In addition my wife owns buy to let solely in her name. We are planning to sell our main home and replace it with larger main home. We are assuming that our replacement main home will be free of stamp duty up ... Continue Reading

How long does HMRC take for IHT 400 these days?
on 03/08/2020 06:33, by dominoman

We submitted our IHT400 and other forms on 20th July. How long might HMRC take to reply? Does anyone have any recent experience of turnaround times? The estate had a mix of listed and unlisted stocks and shares, plus partnerships, property etc - so probably ... Continue Reading

Closing company down
on 02/08/2020 23:55, by Greg1962

I am currently closing a small limited company down and was advised to declare a dividend to pay myself the cash left in the company Please advise which box on the SA 100 tax form should I declare this dividend or is there a supplementary page where this should ... Continue Reading

UK to EU service VAT
on 02/08/2020 18:22, by vatquestions

I registered as a sole trader with HMRC and have provided a service to a person owning a company in an EU country. Now I am struggling to issue an invoice to the company to collect the income. I have provided no other services, and have no other revenue or expenses ... Continue Reading

SIPP most efficient Funding
on 02/08/2020 16:26, by rogerF

Hi, I am thinking of opening a SIPP and I have a question about the most tax efficient way of funding it. I would want to make regular, say monthly contributions. Here is my situation: 1- I am the director of my UK Ltd company but do not draw any salary or dividends ... Continue Reading

Tony Margaritelli gives us an update following the recent government announcement about easing lockdown.