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Moving to Canada in 2019
on 16/12/2018 03:46, by skm

We have a primary residence property in the UK. I have the following questions re.. CGT. 1) will i incur CGT if I sell the property and then move to Canada? 2) will I incur CGT if I sell the property at a later time i.e. in couple of years time ( 1 or 2 or 3 or ... Continue Reading

When do I declare US dividends as income
on 15/12/2018 16:07, by gat

I have an account (Fidelity) in the US which holds my US shares and dividends. I am resident in UK. When I fill in my UK self assessment I usually declare the dividends as foreign income and calculate the total amount received during the last tax year using the ... Continue Reading

IHT on minority shares in private limited company
on 15/12/2018 14:58, by work.chill

My mother has minority shareholdings (between 20% & 40%) in 4 UK private limited companies that let residential and commercial property. The value of the companies is around £20M. The other half of the family who together have a majority shareholding exclude ... Continue Reading

CGT advice - 2nd property occupied by son
on 15/12/2018 12:06, by qasimuk

Hi guys I need some advice - will try to keep things as short in detail as possible but covering all important elements... In July 2007, my father purchased a 3 bed property for me but as I was only 19 years old the property was bought on my fathers name (especially ... Continue Reading

no fixed abode advice?
on 15/12/2018 01:39, by nyegarden

Hi, i no longer have a fixed abode and travel from place to place but i still run a business. i'm unsure what i can put in the address section when filling out my tax return/ self assessment. I have used my parents address in the past but now i cannot as this would ... Continue Reading

Property CGT
on 14/12/2018 16:01, by phil4711

Q1. Say that the value of an inherited property was £500,000. I then spend £50,000 on a conservatory. If in the future i sell the house for £600,000, can i deduct the cost of the conservatory to reduce my CGT bill? Continue Reading

How to record gifts?
on 14/12/2018 14:28, by tavery

Hi What is the best way to record gifts? Gifts include cash gifts into bank account and also cash gifts to a lender to pay of joint mortgage. Is a letter sufficient? I have assumed that it would be but do I need to do anything to make them valid or to make me ... Continue Reading

US dividend
on 14/12/2018 10:55, by Remittub

I have just filled in my 2017/2018 Self Assessment. I filled in the foreign income section as I have shares in Dr Pepper Snapple (following the takeover of Cadbury) and included the amount recd and the (NRA witholding) tax paid. Against this entry, it has the ... Continue Reading

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