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Non Resident Self Employed Tax Return Queries
on 25/04/2019 07:55, by Ernie22

Im sorry for the long-winded message here but I’m hoping the community can give me some pointers to ensure I am doing the right thing by HMRC. I have spent hours trawling the internet but have not found all the answers i need. [u][b]Scenario:[/b][/u] I am a ... Continue Reading

RSU, CGT , USD account
on 24/04/2019 17:24, by ujags12

Hi, I get RSU's from my US based company and i have trading account in US based trader. when i sell the shares i transfer the money in UK into my USD account. from CGT point of view when do i need to pay tax? 1. when i sell my shares and USD comes into my USD ... Continue Reading

Transfer of property to children and loss in value
on 24/04/2019 10:52, by kebata

Hello I am considering transferring my principle residence to my children on which I am likely to have made a capital loss. I assume the transfer value would be the current valuation, and any gain over that value would be CGT taxable on my children when they ... Continue Reading

Double Taxation
on 24/04/2019 06:52, by cmskelley

hi i am not clear on double taxation agreement, specifically with Cyprus. I understand that DTA means that if you pay tax in one jurisdiction it should not payable in another. But what if -in the case of Cyprus, you are also entitled to a personal allowance? So ... Continue Reading

Transfer 50% of property to my wife to reduce CGT
on 23/04/2019 22:02, by ug76gxf

Hello, I have read a few posts from people in similar positions but does answer my questions fully Situation. I have a second property which has been rented since I purchased it. Its owed 100% by myself with no mortgage and I wish to sell it now. was brought ... Continue Reading

Capital Gains post-Transfer of Equity
on 23/04/2019 20:10, by gassman

Hi, I hope the answer isn’t too obvious but forgive me as I have limited knowledge of CGT. Apologies this is long...! In 2006, I purchased a property for 200k with a friend, with a mortgage, as tenants in common. I paid 9k of the deposit, he paid 1k (with an ... Continue Reading

Theory planning with England winning world cup
on 23/04/2019 16:37, by billypiper

Non domicile resident over 7 years who has accumulated rental profits abroad of £300,000 in one tax year 2009/2010. I want to pay the £30,000 RBC charge, so do not have to declare this in the UK. One thought arises, is that I could wash it through as a spread ... Continue Reading

Tony Talks - 

ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli discusses HMRC and MTD yet again and looks at OPBAS as they increase the pressure on Money Laundering Supervisors.