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Advice on penalty for late returns and payments
on 20/08/2017 23:08, by Trevornelson

Hi I have not submitted a SA return since 2007. I estimate a liability of approx £50,000 built up over that timeframe. I am now in a position where I have access to funds to clear this however I am concerned about the penalties involved. From what I can read ... Continue Reading

Additional 3% Stamp Duty & Foreign Properties
on 20/08/2017 20:02, by DesWalker

Hi All, I have never owned a property in the UK. For the last 15 years I have lived with my elderly mother in her property. I am on the electoral roll at this address, HMRC send my tax returns to this address, my doctor, banks and everybody else has me as being ... Continue Reading

Tax Position of Trust Beneficiaries
on 20/08/2017 17:35, by Gammaray

I am a trustee, along with my sisters and mother, of a nil-rate-band discretionary trust created by my late father’s will. The trust’s assets comprise: - cash held in a savings account (earning a low rate of interest), and - investments in OEICs and similar ... Continue Reading

VAT on Online Advertising
on 20/08/2017 16:42, by Sole101

Hi I run a VAT registered LTD company in the UK. I run an online blog and offer advertising space on this website for sale, customer’s pre pay for a period for example 6 months to advertise their products on the website. The website is physically hosted in the ... Continue Reading

calculating CGT for uk property
on 20/08/2017 14:02, by goldleaf88

I own a flat in London which i was living in up to August 2015. I then moved from to Ireland and rented it out. I now (August 2017) would like to sell it. How do i correctly work out CGT as i have been told it is only done on the increased value, passed the initial ... Continue Reading

hobby job earning £6k profit pa - sole trader or Ltd Co?
on 20/08/2017 10:49, by musbus

Hi everybody, I'm really stuck and I don't know what to do...... I'm a qualified hypnotherapist, and I have a practise in which I offer hypnotherapy every Saturday. After room rental, I make £38 per appointment and see on average two or three people every week. During ... Continue Reading

tax liability on foreign endowment
on 19/08/2017 20:31, by robinscott

Hi all, way back in the seventies I emigrated to South Africa where I invested in an Endowment policy with what was then the Prudential an is now called Liberty. The policy is due to mature later this year and I am concerned about the amount of tax HMRC will demand.They ... Continue Reading


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