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Ticket Sales
on 10/02/2016 17:15, by Mike4

Forgetting the moral questions, can anyone point me in the direction of information on buying and selling event tickets? I have another full time job but on the side I've been buying tickets and selling them on sites such as Stubhub. I've seen something which ... Continue Reading

Avoiding new stamp duty changes
on 10/02/2016 14:29, by markymark1

Hello, I'm planning to switch my current home to a let to buy mortgage and port my current residential mortgage across to a new flat I'm intending to buy. I was under the impression I would be liable for the increase in stamp duty, however my solicitor says I ... Continue Reading

Capitals Gains property advice please.
on 10/02/2016 12:10, by Olga S

Hello all, I was wondering if anybody could provide some advice please about capital gains and two properties. My Husband and I bought our original home (1) back in May 1998 for £72,500 (Essex). This is now worth around £350,000. Due to a period of study we ... Continue Reading

2 jobs that pay less than 10k
on 10/02/2016 09:43, by twitchboy

The income tax threshold is 10k. If I have 2 jobs as an employee (rather than self employed) that pay less than 10k individually but combined amount to more than 10k, how is it taxed? Which employer pays the tax? Continue Reading

Entrepreneurs Relief on sale of one of my companies
on 09/02/2016 23:36, by Dwyer01

I currently part-own 3 different companies which all trade in the same "industry" - namely the production and operation of apps for mobile phones. We set the first company up as we began to initially experiment with different app ideas but as the business ... Continue Reading

IHT gifts
on 09/02/2016 21:54, by BenRichards852

My dad' estate is going to be above the IHT threshold by about £50K. If he spent some of this money on repairs/improvements to my house (All receipts and invoices in his name). Do these count as gifts? and will they somehow end up being subject to IHT? Thanks ... Continue Reading

Gift with reservation
on 09/02/2016 21:49, by BenRichards852

A couple of questions. My mother gifted me her house. For the first THREE years after she gifted it to me she did not live in this house (She lived with my dad in his house - title deeds solely in his name - in fact she has always lived there - she never lived ... Continue Reading

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