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Claiming back expenses paid from personal funds
on 30/09/2016 15:34, by CW78

Good afternoon, I have incurred some expenses for my limited company, taking money from own personal funds to pay for travelling expenses etc. Is there any way to claim back the expenses if I haven't put them in the company accounts? The company hasn't made any ... Continue Reading

Tiny business tax setup
on 29/09/2016 20:33, by Crd

Hey Guys, so - ive made a huge mistake a while ago and opened up a company with my partner. We both left the UK but intended to continue freelancing for UK companies. A good friend advised us to open a ltd company together. (bad advice, shouldve just worked ... Continue Reading

CGT base cost - capex by third party
on 29/09/2016 10:33, by 27Spots

Morning, Can capital expenditure by a third party (for example, the tenant of a property) be taken into account in adjusting the base cost when calculating the owner's CGT liability on that property? Or only the costs incurred by the owner themselves? Many thanks! Kind ... Continue Reading

ITSA Enquiry, Let Property Campaign and source of fund
on 28/09/2016 22:06, by goldenbat6

Hello all I have today received a letter that stated:- "We previously wrote to tell you that we hvae information relating to landlords and we have reason to believe that you receive or have in the past received rents from letting out property." Whilst ... Continue Reading

Partnership Cessation
on 28/09/2016 20:42, by Roundy

The Partnership has traded in excess of 20 years and I have retired from the partnership on 31st January , at which time the remaining partner has commenced trading as a Limited Company, with all assets and liabilities being transferred to the new Limited Company. ... Continue Reading

CGT Advice 2 Flats
on 28/09/2016 19:59, by bbrown2716

Hi, My parents inherited a semi detached corner plot from my grandparents. A few years ago they were granted planning permission to build x2 flats in the garden. Back last year myself and partner were gifted the land to help us build an affordable home as at ... Continue Reading

Tax on foreign income - dual residency / double tax treaty
on 28/09/2016 17:04, by illusion

Hi, In July I moved from the UK to the Netherlands for work. Since I worked in the UK for at least 3 months of the 16/17 tax year and I was resident for the previous 3 years I will be classed as a UK resident for the 16/17 tax year. I effectively have dual residency ... Continue Reading


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