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Should I worry about transfer pricing?
on 18/04/2015 16:51, by HugoStiglitz

Hi there, I own and operate a UK LTD that operates 100% online (we essentially run a large website). We regularly purchase media buys (advertising packages $50K+) from established US based providers but I'm looking to start doing this myself as I have extensive ... Continue Reading

on 18/04/2015 11:13, by Ben Dunn

Hi, I am a builder and usually complete a P87 for my tools etc. I have recently discovered I can now claim for the purchase of my work clothes. I am planning on claiming for my tools and work clothes for this year via a P87. However, I believe I can also claim ... Continue Reading

First and last time capital gains. Rented 1st home.
on 18/04/2015 09:29, by lawtonk123

Hi, I was wondering anyone could advise. I purchased a house in May 2012 for £85000 and lived in it for 6 months after which I moved back with my parents. In February 2013 I started renting it out until they left in November 2014. In May 2015 this house will ... Continue Reading

CGT on transfer of property
on 17/04/2015 18:22, by Moulud

Scenario 1 I have a client who had an investment property before and lets this out initially in his personal name. Subsequently the client has now formed a limited company with his wife & now wishes to transfer this property in his limited company. Below are ... Continue Reading

Private use adjustment - midweek lodger
on 17/04/2015 16:02, by angelajm2609

I let out the spare room in my flat to a lodger on a fractional basis, ie the deal is that he can stay a maximum of 3 nights per week. I live in the flat full-time. I am flummoxed as to whether I need to make a private use adjustment on my SA tax return and, ... Continue Reading

Opt to Tax, Partial Exemption and Capital Goods Scheme
on 16/04/2015 20:38, by Fred Flinstone

OK, new member and first query so please be gentle. Acquired land for £50K (no VAT) in 7/04. Started a new build (offices). Opted to tax 1/06. Finished new build over next three years at an approximate cost of £350K. Reclaimed the VAT on build costs. Not rented, ... Continue Reading

Moving into inherited property
on 16/04/2015 19:27, by Sophie50

My mother in law passed away last year and my husband has inherited her house, his original intention was to let it. Having spent some time renovating the inherited property we have decided that we would like to move into it the property is currently worth around ... Continue Reading

PHEVs (plug in hydro electric vehicles)
on 16/04/2015 16:42, by LMT

I've got a client who's bought one of these right at the end of 14/15, so onto the t.r. it must go. it's a p'ship. I'm not quite sure which type of asset to include it under for CAs? especially as there's a private element to be agreed on as well. cost of vehicle ... Continue Reading

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