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Financial gift to a LTD company - does it affect tax?
on 18/08/2017 21:05, by Sholden

Hello, Would a financial gift to a limited company affect taxation when it comes to the end of the tax year? I.e. If I were to gift £20k to the limited company as a director and then pay myself £16k in dividends, would I essentially not have to pay any tax ... Continue Reading

Will a discretionary trust be wound up on death of Settlor?
on 18/08/2017 18:23, by lizgreen333

In May 2011 my mother passed £325K into a Discretionary Trust for the purposes of removing it from her estate , should she survive 7 years. The money purchased a bond, held in the trust. We had a financial adviser from Hargreaves Lansdowne managing this for us. (in ... Continue Reading

Legal query
on 18/08/2017 16:33, by Jimbo69

We acted for a partnership which ceased 2014. Since then, one of the partners died (in 2015) and his executors have just asked for copies of the partnership accounts going back 20 odd years. Should I comply with this request? Do I need the permission of the surviving ... Continue Reading

Fishery Business
on 18/08/2017 15:38, by lisahorsfall71

Hi I have a friend who owns land with a lake. He has been running a fishery business in which he is issuing permits, maintaining the waters, has a website and supplying a bailiff. His accountant has been putting this income on the land and property pages of the ... Continue Reading

CGT on part disposal of property
on 18/08/2017 12:53, by paulbrownarabs

hi my GF and I bought a house + 6 acres of land/stables 13 or so years ago in a single transation (but 2 seperate title deeds) 5 years ago we rented this out and bought another house which we still live in. last year we sold the house but have kept the land. Obviously ... Continue Reading

Starting up a ltd company whilst currently employed.
on 18/08/2017 10:36, by Harveyj97

Hello. I'm a newbie to the forum. In regards to business, banking and taxes i'm a little uneducated so please do forgive me if i'm incorrect in anyway. Anyhow, i'm currently employed and so in regards to taxes my employer handles all of that, i pay 20% tax alongside ... Continue Reading


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