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CGT after hold over relief
on 29/05/2016 21:31, by Hedgie

I have received 2 separate shareholdings in the same company recently: one holding was left to me by my mother's will (as varied by a deed of variation signed within 2 years of her death).The other holding was appointed to me from a relative's discretionary will ... Continue Reading

Farmer passing on farm to son
on 29/05/2016 20:17, by johndeere

Hi there. Im looking for the best advice on how a farmer can pass on his farm to his son to avoid inheritance tax. (37 acres of land in total) cheeers Continue Reading

2002 Deed of Variation - coequences in 2015.
on 29/05/2016 08:39, by 1002richards

Thanks in advance for any help or advice. My dad died in 2001 and his estate passed to his wife (my mum). My mum wanted me and my 2 siblings to receive a greater amount of the Estate than dad had specified as the passage of time had diminished the value. My mum ... Continue Reading

on 28/05/2016 19:06, by nu

Can someone explain difference between VAT and the SVAT and how they functioning? Continue Reading

Money gift tax?
on 28/05/2016 18:46, by youssefghalawnji

Hello I have got a question , my friend is living outside UK and is very rich Wanted to give me a money gift of 40000£ or maybe a little less or more do I have to pay any tax on this money or he has to pay any to UK and how much it will be if yes? Iam a UK resident ... Continue Reading

Company Car in Lieu - Personal Car Mileage
on 28/05/2016 09:51, by smithy0387

Hello; I am currently receiving a company car in Lieu payment instead of taking the company car, I still on occasions travel to customer sites using my own car and I can claim back the mileage using my companies expenses portal and receive the full .45p a mile. ... Continue Reading

Beneficial Interest & SDLT
on 28/05/2016 00:33, by Dingosore

Hi, I am wondering if I can get some advice please. I have a property that has a mortgage on it that is solely in my name, prior to us getting married my then wife to be agreed to waive her rights to the beneficial interest she would receive through us being married, ... Continue Reading

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