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Self employed milage
on 27/06/2016 09:43, by Mr bump

Hello all, I hope somone can help as at present I'm pulling my hair out. OK, I'm a self employed joiner/builder who for the last few years have been working for a local business on a sub contract cis basis, I use my own Van and charge a milage rate of 40p per mile. When ... Continue Reading

Family Business Abroad
on 26/06/2016 22:57, by Tango888

Hi everyone, Looking for some tax advice. I am uk domicile and work and pay tax here. I also have family in Hong Kong. My grandfather, when he was alive, built a portfolio of property in HK which the family company receives a decent annual rental income. Tax etc ... Continue Reading

Reclaiming Vat before Registration
on 26/06/2016 20:01, by cs101

Hello Everyone!! Can I claim Vat on my Van for the repairs done on it. I have all the receipts for the six months before the registration, The van is used for courier business . How about my mobile phone and fuel used in this business? This will be my First VAT ... Continue Reading

Child Support Agency - potential DEA for employee
on 26/06/2016 18:55, by landlord1234

Hi, I have received a letter addressed to the Payroll Department of my company. I am sole director of small business employing myself, a family member and 2 other employees. The letter is asking for details of payments made to one of those 2 employees, and it ... Continue Reading

Inheritance tax
on 26/06/2016 17:07, by Smudgersmifff

My 5 brothers & sisters have been left our family home in a will by our parents my father died in 2012 & my mother in 2015, two of my sisters were added to the deeds over twenty years ago as my parents were too old for a mortgage on there own & as the ... Continue Reading

Calculating PAYE for Payroll
on 26/06/2016 08:53, by Herbie1809

Hi All, Please excuse me if this is not the type of question that is normally posted here but I've hit a brick wall. I recently began working in a Payroll department and I am making a big effort to learn "Gross to Net" calculations. Unfortunately, my ... Continue Reading

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