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son and parents swapping house
on 27/05/2017 23:49, by TheShariff

Hi All could you advise what implications be if we as parents lived in a new house that the son will take out a mortgage on AND he will continue to live in the current house where we and our son already reside, as currently our only home. Can we leave the paperwork ... Continue Reading

sell house to son at below current price
on 27/05/2017 23:39, by TheShariff

Hi All Can I sell my house to my son at any price I wish, as I own the property, mortgage paid off....or is there rules I need to follow? Do I need to be aware of CGT or IHT or stamp duty in this instance, and would it minimise any other expenses keeping price ... Continue Reading

FBT and UK Taxes
on 27/05/2017 14:45, by Jackie769

Hi Guys My company are looking to second me from Australia to the UK for a period of time - we are currently trying to determine for how long. If the company were to provide me with accommodation, health insurance do they have to pay FBT on these benefits? Would ... Continue Reading

BTL mortgage interest
on 27/05/2017 14:39, by SRO101

Hi, my partner (we aren't married) owns a house that she rents out. She has a mortgage on the property at the minute which is interest only, which she pays each month. She doesn't work and has no other income, so her only income is the profit she makes on her house ... Continue Reading

Neg net
on 27/05/2017 01:23, by grinch55

Can anyone help me please? On the left hand side of my payslip it shows an unpaid deduction of £27 approx, less a little bit of tax and pension costs. Normally my wages for the month are on this side. On the other side where the running totals are, it shows gross ... Continue Reading

tax on assets
on 27/05/2017 00:11, by gwyndaf pritchard

i have just bought land on industrial estate in wales to build a new unit and develop a new yard for my roofing company. my accountant says i will get no tax releif against my business for building of the unit or fencing . taramacing etc. surly this cant be ... Continue Reading

Sale of share options from previous employer
on 26/05/2017 17:28, by ronb

I'm trying to fill in my individual tax return for 2016/17. In this tax year, I exercised the sale of shares given to me as 'options' in the share scheme by my previous employer in 2015/16. I left this employer in 2015/16. I have the detail of the shares sale, ... Continue Reading


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