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Cross-gifting money from non-dom untaxed offshore funds
on 28/06/2017 20:34, by marsor

Hi, I am a non-dom (though by now taxed on arising basis) and have untaxed funds offshore that I cannot remit without incurring income tax. I am aware that I cannot lend onshore against the offshore funds, not even purely as collateral (since 2014) and definitely ... Continue Reading

capital gains tax- indexation allowance
on 28/06/2017 14:30, by pdfx4

Could someone give me some advice please about the following ? In 1987 I bought a one third share of a commercial building plus a small adjoining car park. I purchased with 2 other individuals who bought the other 2/3rds share . The building was not in very ... Continue Reading

Buying a % of house from parents
on 28/06/2017 13:17, by Kathy_89

My parents owe roughly £160,000 on an interest only mortgage. They have no way of ever paying this off and there only option is to sell the house. Would I be able to buy a % of the house in order to pay off some of the debt? I could afford a mortgage myself to ... Continue Reading

Historic creditors
on 28/06/2017 08:57, by gillrobotham

Hi In 2011 I had £32k that was written off as bad debt (they went into liquidation). Can I offset this debt against tax now? Essentially I'm asking if there is any way I can realise all or any of the debt. Many thanks Continue Reading

2 jobs help
on 27/06/2017 18:44, by amyvguy

Hi I currently work 18 hours per week and earn £576 per month I don't currently get taxed and normally don't get charged National insurance contributions. My question is I am currently looking for a second job to bring in around an extra £300 per month to cover ... Continue Reading

HMRC - Fraud - Bankruptcy
on 27/06/2017 17:42, by Novat

I've heard that in cases of fraud HMRC will drive the person to bankrupty if they have to. But what happens then, espcially if the person has no assets and the bankruptcy doesn't come close to covering the tax owed? I understand that bankruptcy doesn't discharge ... Continue Reading

Can I make a BTL I've owned for 10 years my ppr now
on 27/06/2017 17:26, by Cloisters

Hi, I am thinking of downsizing and one of my rented properties would be ideal - I don't really want to sell the family home as it is a great investment (lived in 22 years) so am considering moving to the smaller property and declaring it as my ppr and perhaps ... Continue Reading

Replacement of main residence / share value under £40k
on 27/06/2017 14:11, by clueless0707

Hi, I would really appreciate any thoughts on our situation please. So my husband is purchasing a property, just waiting for an exchange date, so completion expected July 2017. He disposed of his interest in his previous marital home in 2013 and has rented since ... Continue Reading


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