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VAT- trading with EU
on 18/01/2017 07:42, by lukasyno82

Hi, I have another questions. 1. Triangular supply, how to fill it in in VAT return ?? 2. Normal trading with EU. Example: we have bought goods from EU VAT registered supplier. And we have sold it to another VAT registered EU company. Do we need to pay ... Continue Reading

Director's Loan
on 18/01/2017 00:42, by Tolworth300

Would I be correct in thinking there is no tax liability incurred in a Directors Loan in the following circumstances: 1. Loan fully repaid within 9 months of the end of the company's financial year 2. No further loans from the company 3. Paid the company 3% ... Continue Reading

Online return: 10% deduction on foreign pensions.
on 17/01/2017 22:41, by _EJTT_

Does anyone know how to apply the 10% deduction for foreign pensions using HMRC's own online service? Foreign pensions should be only 90% taxable but the official website seems to only allow deductions for foreign tax credit and the special withholding tax. If ... Continue Reading

NIC if not claiming benefits while out of work
on 17/01/2017 20:26, by Spiro

Hi, Everywhere I read NI is shown as calculated in years. If I don't work the end of this financial year, will I be penalised and lose the entire year's stamp? Taking my gross pay for 11 months work and dividing instead by 12 months, I will have earned enough ... Continue Reading

joint owners freehold each lease part of building
on 17/01/2017 18:49, by jonD

What CGT is due if joint owners of a freehold grant a new lease to each individually for part of a residential building. Example 2002 purchase cost freehold consisting of 210m2 3 floors paid 210k joint names simple freehold 2017 create two 999 year leaseholds ... Continue Reading

Interest on personal loans
on 17/01/2017 16:35, by Brightonian

I am wondering if anyone can throw some light on this. I have a client who has made several loans in the past to friends. He charges interest and I have always shown the interest on the tax return as 'other income'. Previously it has not mattered where it was returned. ... Continue Reading

on 17/01/2017 15:56, by vector

Question - How long would you need to keep records to demonstrate PPR if ownership <1 year. Continue Reading

Entrepreneur - Tax if I move abroad?
on 17/01/2017 13:33, by allkindsofnonsense

Hi everyone, I'm a freelancer on Upwork. Thank you so much for any guidance you may be able to offer. Much appreciated! My question in essence is 2 parts: a) Do I have to pay tax on the part of income I earn while abroad (last 4 months in the tax year Feb5-April5)? b) ... Continue Reading


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