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Deed of Variation or Gift or Trust
on 28/10/2016 13:57, by Nysinyd

Hi everyone. I inherited 2 properties, I in 2013 and 1 in 2015. The first property has a lifetime tenant in so cannot be currently sold but I have recently sold the second property following probate and am in a dilemma as to what to do with the proceeds. I also ... Continue Reading

Discretionary Will Trust-exit charge
on 27/10/2016 20:55, by beckied

Discretionary trust created through Will (death November 2007). Shares qualifying for 100% BPR settled as a result. Subsequent reorganisation which resulted in share exchange, loan notes and cash. Cash subsequently appointed to one of discretionary beneficiaries ... Continue Reading

Flat rate scheme; first year 1% bonus now ending...
on 27/10/2016 19:37, by TaxLobster

I'm a sole trader who registered for the flat-rate VAT scheme last year, and so up till now have been paying my VAT to HMRC at 1% less than my normal rate. I understand from https://www.gov.uk/vat-flat-rate-scheme/how-much-you-pay that "[i:hqmvgsiw]the reduced ... Continue Reading

VAT on golf club membership fees
on 27/10/2016 16:18, by Payney1802

Hi all, I am looking at setting up a business but I'm a bit confused around the VAT implications, a bit of help and guidance would be greatly appreciated! In a nut shell i plan to sell golf club memberships on the golf clubs behalf on my website, taking a small ... Continue Reading

on 27/10/2016 15:17, by chrysfanning2016

Hi. I recently sent off for a National Insurance record. However on the statement it is marked as tax year under investigation for last 5 years. What does this mean Thanks. Continue Reading

on 27/10/2016 14:25, by pash123

I am a sole trader and have just submitted my tax return on the cash basis. I forgot to tick the cash basis box on the Short Tax Return. How should I notify HMRC? Can I just right a letter? Continue Reading

Breach of contract payment taxable?
on 27/10/2016 12:45, by Skimum1

Hi, I was due to start a job in a few days but my contract has been terminated prior to starting. I have already left my previous job. The guy who recruited me in the new company has left and apparently the job (which was a new one) does now not exist. I have ... Continue Reading


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