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Sale of share options from previous employer
on 26/05/2017 17:28, by ronb

I'm trying to fill in my individual tax return for 2016/17. In this tax year, I exercised the sale of shares given to me as 'options' in the share scheme by my previous employer in 2015/16. I left this employer in 2015/16. I have the detail of the shares sale, ... Continue Reading

Trading Shares - Paying CGT
on 26/05/2017 17:00, by mrmagoo2017

My ISA allowance for this year is filled, so that option is a no go, and I have sufficient funds in my SIPP I like to invest, I have quite a large sum in cash that id like to invest, and this will break the CGT limit. I would like to trade shares, which means ... Continue Reading

pre-registration expenses on joining a VAT group
on 26/05/2017 16:51, by Nonimous

Company A is not VAT registered as its supplies are mostly exempt, but it does own an asset (not in the Capital Goods Scheme) on which it paid VAT Company B is its 100% subsidiary, is VAT registered and makes taxable supplies, and could use the asset in its business. ... Continue Reading

stamp duty
on 26/05/2017 16:29, by limoges

A serving member of the armed forces plans to purchase a property which he will initially rent out but later will probably occupy as his main home. One of his parents purchased a buy to let some time ago, but with estate planning in mind registered the buy to let ... Continue Reading

Foreign Dividend Treatment 2016/17 Tax Year
on 26/05/2017 13:39, by dowles

Hi In the 2016/2017 tax year I earned £6441 in foreign dividends (from US companies) and £878 in UK dividends for a total of £7,320 for the tax year. When entering the foreign dividends into the government website i put the gross figure of £6441 and then also ... Continue Reading

DPNI or self-employed?
on 26/05/2017 12:32, by eriette

Hello I am a foreign (EU) national living in the UK and I have an offer for a remote job in the IT sector for a USA based employer who has no presence in the UK. My contract stipulates that: The position is described as a “full time” one, with no defined ... Continue Reading

SDLT and Dates
on 26/05/2017 11:33, by Lockwood

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out on this one. Transferred BTL s into joint names, signed new contracts etc. registered with land registry mid March 2016 (Pre surcharge introduction) through solicitor paid the stamp duty - if my mortgage payment ... Continue Reading

Investment in Bit coins
on 26/05/2017 11:23, by Tushar Shah

I have invested £10,000 in bitcoin on May 2014 from personal account and now I am planning to sell and expecting £90,000. I have some of the bitcoins into a crypto currency project as a speculative buy and also used those bitcoins on crypto exchanges to trade ... Continue Reading


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