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Change of use
on 21/02/2017 14:01, by Anthonym

Really struggling to get an answer on this, hope someone can help. We have owned a semi detached 1930's house since the early nineties, it' has been split into two flats since 1960. we purchased both flats over twenty years ago, living in one for a number of years ... Continue Reading

Dividend tax on foreign income
on 21/02/2017 11:35, by kebata

I am a Hong Kong Permanent Resident currently residing in UK and non domiciled. I hold HSBC Holdings shares on the Hong Kong register. In view of the change in dividend tax rates for 2016/2017 I was wondering if HSBC dividends on the HK register are regarded as ... Continue Reading

Income Tax during Retirement
on 20/02/2017 18:22, by R1200GS

Can someone please explain how I calculate my likely income tax burden when I start retirement? I intent to retire at age 60 and will be able to draw on a state pension at 67. My other forms of income will be from savings plans and a personal pension. I want to ... Continue Reading

Switching from remittance basis to arising and back
on 20/02/2017 17:04, by kebata

I am non domiciled and claim the remittance basis of tax. With the loss of personal allowances the remittance basis is hardly worth it. I just wondered if I select 'on an arising basis' whether in future years I could go back to a remittance basis? I would not ... Continue Reading

Will I have to pay CGT? X
on 20/02/2017 08:45, by Fiona24

Hello everyone, thanks so much for reading this. I own a flat which I have been renting out for 5 years, after purchasing in 2006. I am I stay at home mum, while my husband works. I have not worked for 2 years. However the flat is in my name alone. I bought the ... Continue Reading

Two PAYROLLs in one Agency
on 19/02/2017 21:50, by arsetus

Hello. I have weird problem with my Tax Code (Currently BR). Let me start from begining. My first job was through Omega Agency, where I was working only 1 month. They were paying me through Maddisson Group Payroll. When I finished my work there I moved to another ... Continue Reading

Easy help with first year filing
on 19/02/2017 20:30, by pundabuyer

Hi Guys, Im in my first year of business and i really want to file my Companies House accounts myself... The figures are small but adding them into the page is so confusing - Can anyone help me to get them right? Basically we are an online retailer... * Our ... Continue Reading

IHT on Bed and Breakfast
on 19/02/2017 16:01, by Bowler

My daughter and partner are retiring and buying a bed and breakfast property. I am 85 and for IHT purposes (assuming I live for two more years), intend to invest and become the third partner in the purchase.I will not be a resident or playing any part of its running. ... Continue Reading


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