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Deed of Variation When a Beneficiary Died
on 30/07/2015 18:26, by DarrenH

My grandmother passed last year and in her will she left her estate to be split 50/50 between her two children, Reg & Mary. However, before the estate was settled Mary died intestate. Is it possible, through a Deed of Variation, for the surviving Son (Reg) ... Continue Reading

Capital loss on liquidation
on 30/07/2015 15:11, by Lizbeth

The 100% shareholder had a directors loan account which was in credit when the company went into liquidation. I am thinking that the capital loss which has been triggered could only be used against any gains from the same related party ..... so, effectively, never! ... Continue Reading

Tax on payment into a SIPP
on 30/07/2015 12:16, by glennnk

Hi, I have a query relating to a SIPP payment made in 2014/15. I paid £29,662.20, which the provider, 7IM, has grossed up by the basic tax rate to £37,078 (less charges). I understand that higher rate tax relief can only be obtained by completing a self assessment ... Continue Reading

Change in property ownership
on 30/07/2015 11:39, by pleasetaxhelp

Hi all This is my first post so apologies if I do not include all the info required for a definitive answer. I purchased a UK property back in 2007 and my parents had to join the mortgage to allow the mortgage to be approved and act as a form of guarantor. In ... Continue Reading

Gifting house without reservation
on 29/07/2015 13:24, by londoncalling

Hello, I am currently living with my parents at our family home and we were thinking of ways to reduce the estate that would be liable to IHT. If for instance my parents were to gift me a £500,000 share of the property and I lived with them in the house for ... Continue Reading

Commission Sales
on 29/07/2015 12:04, by MarilynM

Hi all I wonder if anyone can clarify something for me.....?? I've recently opened up a retail business (having made the big career change from accountancy) and part of what we sell is art and other handmade products on a commission basis, which is generally ... Continue Reading

Gift of house
on 28/07/2015 18:39, by Maltom

Hi, could someone help. My father gifted me his house 8 years ago and moved in with me to my house for 18 months whilst he was ill.i demolished the house and build a new one with an apartment attached. My family moved into the main house and my father moved into ... Continue Reading

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