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PAYE and self assessment
on 27/08/2016 21:35, by potonata

Hi, I will be working at the school i'm at for another 3 months (November 16). After that, I will be self-employed and receive invoices and payments cash or to my bank account. For the April16-April17 tax year, I will therefore have a mix of PAYE and self assessment. I ... Continue Reading

Private bank statements
on 27/08/2016 19:30, by Kazza75

Hi. Was just wondering if anybody knows, if I have to produce my private bank statements to hmrc for my husbands tax investigation. All info would very much appreciated. Continue Reading

CT600 : Inconsistent duplicate fact values
on 27/08/2016 11:08, by ozzieing

I filed my company tax return a few weeks ago but it's come back with a significant number of errors to do with " Inconsistent duplicate fact values". [quote:2uvqqg93]Error code: 3314 Description: Inconsistent duplicate fact values (uk-gaap:OtherOperatingChargesFormat2) Error ... Continue Reading

Holdover Relief on appointment from trust
on 27/08/2016 10:01, by helfordpirate

The trustees have decided to appoint the capital of a lifetime trust to the beneficiaries who are in their early twenties and their tax situation means they have unused CGT allowances in the year when the trust will be appointed. The trustees have a significantly ... Continue Reading

Any help for a Kiwi shifting to UK
on 26/08/2016 23:24, by Kiwi lost in tax

Hi, I have a difficult tax situation I am trying to work through which has not been made easier by the likely imminent changes to taxation of non-resident trusts. I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I and my wife were born in the UK. I left when I ... Continue Reading

Car / Salary Sacrifice
on 26/08/2016 14:59, by Marcus1970

Hi brand new to the forum today.... My wife leases a car via her employer (Local Authority) through a salary sacrifice scheme. basically paying around £300 per month for the car which is paid before Tax & NI Her employer have set her up to pay 'company ... Continue Reading

CGT on disposal from Discretionary Trust
on 26/08/2016 12:11, by 27Spots

Good afternoon, Can anyone enlighten me on what base cost should be used for CGT purposes when a property held by a discretionary trust is 'disposed' for the use of the beneficiaries to live in? The property has been held in trust for more than 10 years and therefore ... Continue Reading

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