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UK Ltd company working a contract in Dublin
on 30/04/2016 17:06, by Redp

Hi I run a UK Ltd company based in Northern Ireland, I have been offered a contract to work for 6 months in Dublin through an agency (Dublin based) to a company based in Dublin. I intend working some days from home (after an initial bedding in period) possibly ... Continue Reading

on 30/04/2016 15:25, by mustardtree6

An employee has held loan notes inside an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) for over 10 years. Recently, he has cashed in his loan notes and he received gross interest of £4217. The trustees of the EBT have deducted trust tax at the rate of 45% of £1897, leaving ... Continue Reading

Writing off director's loan (money owed to director)
on 30/04/2016 14:51, by jay45

Hi, I am sole director and my company will soon be closing. The director's loan is in credit and I want to waive the amount as I don't want it repaid (there isn't enough money to repay it anyway). The loan originated from items which I bought on behalf of the ... Continue Reading

CGT and Property Tax Computation
on 30/04/2016 14:41, by harrybaker

Hi, sorry for posting such a long question with lots of info but would massively appreciate help on this. The questions I need to answer are listed below. Thanks very much. [b:25m11q00]Letter written on 18th April 2016 [/b:25m11q00] Last year (3rd April 2015) ... Continue Reading

Unmarried couple 2 properties
on 29/04/2016 20:34, by Hambo1

Hi, I own a property A, my partner owns a property B which we live in. We are unmarried but wish to sell property A, release equity from B and purchase another property. Unfortunately this will attract the 3% surcharge. Are there any ways around this? Eg transfer ... Continue Reading

3% additional SDLT and main residence
on 29/04/2016 19:14, by snadur

My civil partner and I owned 4 flats before 1st April 2016, all BTLs. We also owned a primary/main residence for 9.5 years until we sold it in February 2016. We are currently living in rented accomodation. We found a home to buy which will become our primary/main ... Continue Reading

tax on loan/capital interest repayment
on 29/04/2016 18:55, by taxinterestconfused

Hi, Several years ago brother lent me £50,000 to help start my business - now a limited company. I have been repaying the capital plus interest (3%) each year and the loan is now re-paid. My accountant has informed me that I now owe approximately £100 tax ... Continue Reading

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