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Taxation rules on offshore companies
on 25/04/2017 20:19, by JamesB1975

Hi, I could use some advise on rules in regards to companies registered offshore. If a company was registered in Dubai and was completely based in Dubai. And is entirely online based taking payments online for a service from users not just in the Uk but across ... Continue Reading

Late declaration of income tax
on 25/04/2017 19:34, by wolczr

HI there. I have a property in Berlin which I started renting out in about 2014. The annual after expenses income is about 4000euros (meaning I have probably had an income of about 16000 euros or less after some renovation costs). Rather foolishly, I listened ... Continue Reading

Failure to register for VAT on time - mitigation?
on 25/04/2017 19:19, by DDebbil83

Could anyone advise me on the following situation: HMRC audits the accounts of a sole trader and discover that, 5 years ago, he exceeded the VAT threshold for one month only, before dropping back below the deregistration threshold ever since. The trader's business ... Continue Reading

CGT - Does my mother have to pay if I sell my house?
on 25/04/2017 18:33, by stolonsi

Hi, 5 years ago I purchased a property which at the time I need my mother to go on the mortgage as my income multiples weren’t enough. So currently myself and my mother are on the mortgage deeds and property title deeds. My mother is also on the mortgage and ... Continue Reading

First company car - help!
on 25/04/2017 13:50, by Benji.williams

Hi New to this forum and hoping for some help with my first company car. I was excited until i started to dig a bit deeper . I am really struggling to understand how the BIK will affect my take home pay. I have used some online calculators and also contacted ... Continue Reading

IR 35/NI etc.
on 25/04/2017 12:31, by Incredulum

If anybody could help here I'd be most appreciative! Mr. A owns a company A Limited. [list:jxmzhlzh][*:jxmzhlzh]A Limited owns 50% of the shares of B Limited, the other 50% of the shares in B Limited being owned by Mr C. [/*:m:jxmzhlzh][/list:u:jxmzhlzh] [list:jxmzhlzh][*:jxmzhlzh]B ... Continue Reading

UK Tax on Interest from Savings
on 25/04/2017 11:43, by nirupa mayi

I am very confused about tax on interest from savings. Is the interest from savings taxed separately or considered part of the Personal Tax Allowance? The total of my earnings and interest from savings combined is within my personal allowance. I also don't understand ... Continue Reading


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