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Selling land
on 04/12/2016 21:39, by billgatt

I was gifted a piece of land by my parents 13 years ago (value 11k at that time), Ive just recently sold it for £50k. My annual income is around 30K. Selling cost around 2.5k. Not entirely sure how much CGT i will need to pay. How do I calculate what I need ... Continue Reading

IHT liability
on 04/12/2016 16:40, by mill

A distant relative of British nationality is under care in the UK. She resided in the United States for many years, but with the onset of vascular dementia elected to return to the UK and enter a care home. Her dementia condition is now considerably advanced ... Continue Reading

VAT on consignment stock
on 04/12/2016 09:20, by SaPar16

Hello everyone, We're running online shop selling fashion clothing. We're thinking about putting other brands on our website on consignment basis. We'll pass on the money we collected and only take commission for the goods sold. We're VAT registered, if other brands ... Continue Reading

Starting to pay tax (Self-employed)
on 04/12/2016 00:09, by Summers343

Hi everyone, I really hope you can help me; I'm very worried and want to get the process of paying tax sorted out. I'm 25 and have done so many different things: jobs with different companies, college, university, but mainly, and what this thread is mainly in ... Continue Reading

Converting US dollars to GBP
on 03/12/2016 21:34, by DomTre

Hello. I've been working on a cruise ship for several months of this year and the time has come to file a (late) tax return. I have been paid in US dollars to a US-based bank account and the tax return asks for all amounts to be in GBP. Which rates do I use ... Continue Reading

PAYE for Student Summer Work
on 03/12/2016 11:22, by CJHill

Hi, my daughter is a full-time student but will have a summer job in the UK, subject to PAYE, that on an annualised basis will take her well over the personal tax allowance threshold but for the 9 weeks that she will actually be working (which will be the only ... Continue Reading

Dutch Inheritance Tax
on 03/12/2016 09:44, by schafee

Dear Friends, I am a Canadian, currently living in Germany. My wife for 47 years, was a Dutch citizen. She passes away this August, after fighting a 8 month battle with cancer. She owned a house in Netherlands, which is rented. She has designated me as her inheritor ... Continue Reading


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