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dissolution of company
on 23/08/2016 20:45, by Feedback

topco creates a sub and issues say 100 shares which remain unpaid. should topco decide the sub is no longer required and wants to dissolve the company, are there any tax consequences? Continue Reading

Optimal lump sum withdrawal from pension plan
on 23/08/2016 19:34, by moneyguy2016

Hello I am 60, non uk resident with a uk personal pension which I stopped funding in 1999 but has grown to over 100K. I wish to take lump sum withdrawals and understand the 25% tax free/75% tax rule. The pension provider will withhold tax at source using the ... Continue Reading

Furnished Holiday Lets - A few questions
on 23/08/2016 18:07, by CG

Hi I have a few questions about accounting for Furnished Holiday Lets, which I would be grateful for some help with. 1. Is the income to be declared for each tax year only that which relates to lets during the tax year - ie not for payments received for lets ... Continue Reading

Pension contributions in a partnership.
on 23/08/2016 17:43, by spoyalloy

My wife and myself are in business in a partnership, just the two of us. We both work equally at the partnership and have been dividing the income between us as our sole income. We formerly had a Scottish Widows private pension each, and we made contributions ... Continue Reading

Transfer from Sole Trade to OpCo/HoldCo/PropCo structure
on 23/08/2016 14:43, by SpartanFD

Hi I'm looking at a business that currently operates from a site owned by the sole proprietor. As part of the go forward model, I will be taking a share in the company and coming on board. In doing this, I'm looking to incorporate the sole trade and create a relatively ... Continue Reading

Transfer of Gift House From Parent
on 23/08/2016 14:04, by TimmyBoy

Hi, I was given my parents' family house 20 years ago which they still live in today with my brother. No rent was paid from their part after the gift. I am now married and own my own house with my partner. My parents now decided my brother should get the family ... Continue Reading

IHT on death / NRB
on 23/08/2016 11:55, by SpartanFD

Hi A grandmother is considering how to distribute her estate amongst her children on death. She is now 95 and increasingly unable to look after herself. Cash held in current and deposit accounts totals c.£300k. Her home is owned by the three children and therefore ... Continue Reading

VAT registration and incorporation
on 23/08/2016 09:14, by SpartanFD

Hi I've been asked to join an SME which has been running as a sole trader for c.1-2 years with a view to implementing a number of new financial systems and turning it into a more professional outfit. As I understand it, the business is currently VAT registered ... Continue Reading

Final talk: Research and development allowances


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