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PET Taper Relief. What's the point?
on 29/04/2017 19:30, by MarkyW

Am I right in believing there is no gain from taper relief for a failed PET unless the value of the gift itself is greater than the NRB? I am led to understand that a gift will use up the available NRB first so in many instances will be tax free. Because there ... Continue Reading

SDLT query please
on 29/04/2017 18:55, by Ndavis

Hi Sorry, but I have a question about the stamp duty rules, if I may? I sold my main residence in April 2016 & have been living in rented accommodation since before then (due to a relationship breakup in which my ex stayed in the property until sold). In October ... Continue Reading

Frantic Freda - Inherited American Annuity
on 29/04/2017 12:46, by DavidTreitel

Any suggestions welcomed. Freda is a long-term UK resident and is subject to UK tax on the arising basis. Freda's mother died in America last year and left a US tax-deferred annuity contract to Freda. The value has been annuitized following mother's death and ... Continue Reading

Sale of late mother's home for less than probate value
on 28/04/2017 16:57, by Wincanton

My brother and I have struggled to sell our late mother's home. She died two and a half years ago. We were the only beneficiaries, and have completed the probate process. The property was on the market for some time and we realised that some decoration was necessary ... Continue Reading

Cgt on currencies
on 28/04/2017 15:56, by Jenseninterceptor

I sold an overseas property last year and paid UK CGT calculated on the difference between the sterling value at dates of purchase and sale. The sale proceeds remain in foreign currency. Post Brexit this has increased in value in sterling terms. Will there be CGT ... Continue Reading

Studying in Spain but registered to live in England
on 28/04/2017 15:14, by Caroliner01

Dear taxationweb, I'm a little confused about my status and where I need to go for advice! I left my full time job as a H&S Advisor in England to study Spanish in Spain. From Sep 2014, I have undertaken 12 week certificates private courses at the Uni (sep ... Continue Reading


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