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Rental income transferred to wife
on 28/08/2015 12:46, by justoneguy

Hi all I would be grateful if you could help on following. I own a property (100%) and want to let it out. As I am taxpayer (HR) and my wife is not (no income), I want my wife to receive the rental income to save from tax. I will eventually move title on her ... Continue Reading

Calculating total income
on 28/08/2015 10:49, by mole

Hi - I have a question around calculating my total income to see if you fall above/below the £100k tax barrier. If you income is say £50k and you receive say £45k in dividends then your total income is £95k. Added to that is the 11% tax credits for the dividends ... Continue Reading

VAT on overseas services
on 27/08/2015 17:05, by getmizanur

Hello, I am thinking of starting a business of providing services in overseas, and my business is based in the UK. Does that mean I have to charge VAT on the service, once the turnover of the business reaches over £82,000? Business account is based in UK, but ... Continue Reading

on 27/08/2015 14:56, by deeptica

A taxi driver is running 3 different businesses with different websites. One is taxi business other two are providing airport and disabled transfers but not taxi. Individually 3 businesses are not likely to reach VAT threshold however putting together they may ... Continue Reading

A blogger's "income"
on 27/08/2015 12:48, by Incredulum

An individual has a blog where they write up stories about their life; a diary-type blog. Annual costs £100 for website hosting; Annual income £100 of advertising. Other benefits the occasional invitation to a free meal at a restaurant in exchange for reviewing ... Continue Reading

on 26/08/2015 14:25, by ladyaga

I am vat reg for our Alpaca breeding business. I de registered two weeks ago. I bought a new farm/home for the animals and me, there is an annex for me. I have got a letting house here for family holidays for 18 guests run through an agent, who charge me vat on ... Continue Reading

Few tax return queries
on 26/08/2015 11:07, by Matthew C

Hello, firstly, I'm new to this forum so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong section. I am a recently set up freelance graphic designer. I do my tax returns online and want to continue doing them myself. I am filling out my tax return for the year 2014-2015 ... Continue Reading

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