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Company with oveseas (but reconciled) ex
on 26/03/2017 19:25, by Oldtramp

A complex tangle, but I’d appreciate a view. I’m separated from my wife, but back on the best of terms. She, however, is stuck in the Far East with aged and declining parents. She’s living off the proceeds of a property (her's) sold there. Once this ... Continue Reading

on 26/03/2017 11:51, by clockcrazy01

Hi Everyone, I am a small business and do self assessment tax returns (have no book keeper or accountant). I have a personal bank account and a business bank account. Like everyone else I pay my tax end of Jan and end of july. I am always honest and declare everything ... Continue Reading

CGT on nil value transfer between family members
on 26/03/2017 09:26, by Seabass888

Basically my gran and auntie own 50:50 of the house me and my mum live in. We're looking at transferring the property to mr, 100% over the next two years. For CGT, will I have to pay CGT on the nil value transfer and the deemed value will be the market value, am ... Continue Reading

Non-domicile parents and sibling
on 25/03/2017 16:24, by matohak

I have a close friend whose whole family holds British Citizen passport. My friend lives in the UK but the rest of her family (parents and a brother) has lived overseas all their lives. Under such condition, I wonder how would inheritance tax be calculated? Since ... Continue Reading

on 25/03/2017 11:36, by Bowler

A family member is due to receive a significant sum in redundancy and 6 months pay in lieu of notice. As a lay person I researched this and sent the following e-mail: You will know that the first £30,000 is tax free. Suppose you are getting £80,000 If you ... Continue Reading

Pre 2003 transfer
on 25/03/2017 10:34, by AvocadoK

Grateful to anyone who can comment on a question about stamp duty on pre SDLT transactions... A trust contracted to transfer freehold property into a limited company in the 1930s. Contracts were signed, but not completed. Under pre SDLT, stamp duty rules, no duty ... Continue Reading

3% Additional Stampduty (Own BTL property)
on 24/03/2017 15:28, by maahadevan

Hi, I own a property in Northern Ireland and it has consent to let and is rented out. I have moved to England last year and since then have been living here in a rented property. I intend to buy a new residence which will be my primary residence and getting mixed ... Continue Reading


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