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Selling French Main Residence after Relocation back to UK
on 26/07/2017 14:27, by Paddy96

Hello, I returned to the UK full time in 2015 after 13 years in France and have now (almost) sold what was my main residence there - I'm unsure about capital gains here though - is there a period allowed to sell a main residence after relocation or did it automatically ... Continue Reading

A Big problem... advice needed
on 26/07/2017 13:05, by Trevornelson

OK so cut a long story short - I am 9 years behind in tax returns. I could tell you the story but guess by now its not that relevant. Safe to say there are no villas, flash cars or big expenses, for a good few years I was just earning enough to survive... but ... Continue Reading

Tax liability from US earnings
on 26/07/2017 12:55, by Aquavitae

I worked for 4 months last year in the US at a university and paid federal/state tax on earnings. I am in the process of claiming this tax back at the moment. I am a UK resident and have to complete a tax return annually. My question is whether I am liable in the ... Continue Reading

on 26/07/2017 12:54, by RAINBOW10

Hi I am a Australian resident with a british passport. I pay tax on my working income in Australia. do I need to pay tax in the uk on my rental income which is £14,400 per annum without any deductions. I pay over £2000 in management fees and have maintenance ... Continue Reading

IHT planning for £2.5m estate
on 26/07/2017 12:19, by sjmanchester

I'm helping my father limit his IHT liability for our family. We've spoken to a few financial advisers but they only seem interested in him transferring his stocks and shares portfolio over to them to manage - no one has come back with anything actually useful. Breakdown ... Continue Reading

Help understanding inheritance tax.
on 26/07/2017 11:51, by Unsureme

Hi. My grandad recently died and has left a house and some money in his will to be shared equally between my dad, my brother and me. He was my dads father in law. We think the property is worth about 325000 and there is also around 100k in savings. As it was ... Continue Reading

German tax of deceased
on 25/07/2017 20:37, by not fair

As executor of my late brother's estate I have received a tax demand from Germany with regard to the widower's pension he had been receiving since his German wife's death in 2011. My brother died in 2014 HMRC satisfied that any tax & IHT was paid. Solicitor ... Continue Reading

when is CGT applied on trigger , or on actual sale
on 25/07/2017 18:09, by jakuk

If there is a multi party agreement for a joint development of land. At what date would CGT become applicable, A) is it when final planning permission has been issued. Or B) When the development has started to be sold off , Or some other time entirely Continue Reading


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